Book me punches for quotas, harassment

Discrimination has been a part of Mack’s daily life since childhood. To combat them, people in their forties with a rare disease preferred humor to hate. An inspiring journey to discover his 1st book “I, Quota”.

I didn’t expect the business to revive what I had experienced in the school yard. From the stage to writing a book, there is only one feather … Marie-Odd Carrie aka Mac’s feathers are sharp, pure, strong. After his one-woman-shore ” Like everyone else … without a hair! “, Which has been played all over France since 2018 (article linked below), the comedian has signed his first book I, Quota – An employee’s itinerary with invisible disability, In bookstores from the end of January 2022. The title sets the melody. In the program: humor, satire and awareness. Over a period of 220 pages, the 39-year-old, suffering from a rare disease, testified that she had been harassed throughout her school and professional career. Purpose? Disclose the victims of discrimination, but also the witnesses, and finally break the omrata that reigns in public companies … and everywhere else. A stinging book ” For the guilt of changing sides !

School, fertile ground for sensitivity?

A unique form of ectodermal dysplasia, a genetic disease that affects the skin, hair and teeth, combined with kidney atrophy, Mack had to learn to live with harassment from other students but from teachers from day one. From a young age. ” School, I don’t want to go, I want to get lost “He begged in primary school, highlighting the need for crying for disability awareness. Then it was time to look for a job. His ideal? Become a dancer … or maybe Dummy swimming pool ? After quickly dismissing these leads, he finally started communicating. His position as a manager is especially due to his determination, his positive attitude and his strength of communication. Humble, he gives all his credit. “ Job passi ”: RQTH (Recognition of the status of disabled workers). ” Thanks Quota! He referred to a company of 20 or more employees, who must meet the employment obligation of 6% of the disabled workers.

He did not burn out “Burn” Wings

But the enthusiasm is short-lived. “ Often, in business, in case of disability, the window is nice but the shop is empty “, He laments in his autobiography. Comments are increasingly cruel: People say you are very absent, they are not happy with your work “,” Why are you tired Everyone takes public transport! “… in 2020, it’s a burnout. Repeated superstitions turned out well for his irresistible optimism … for a while. Its.” This is hell “She’s finally out.” Stronger than before “” Even on the darkest day, the most difficult test, we can choose: to suffer or to work. To be an actor or a spectator in my life? I quickly realized that I must be a director “, He writes. Today, Mack thanks everyone who stands in his way;” It’s like fertilizer, it’s thanks to them that we grow! “She is OK.

A self-published book

Also, a speaker, Mack, explained how important it is. ” Being in control of your choices, being yourself and being happy without worrying about the values ​​or social pressures of those around you “Send a message of hope to those who feel guilty for taking the wrong path:” Failure is part of life, it is better to achieve your goals “And this is a sample of the” good vibes “and practical advice he has spread across his fun and touching book, which he has been able to self-express thanks to a fundraiser. Want to be accessible to all – especially for a typography adapted for visually impaired readers.” Thanks – this is a “sending goal” Strong message “Tolerance to youth, while carrying” Special attention to parents of sick children, caring, disabled people, suffering at work, entrepreneurs, managers, big companies, political personalities … and those who want to change their lives without daring!

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