CA The Village in Paris returns to 6th edition of Vivatech with 26 startups

“Vivatech 2022 promises that, again this year, the Tech and European startup event will not be missed, where everyone will be able to discover exceptional innovation.”Fabrice Marcela, CA is the CEO of Paris Village 7

The lucky ones

Presentation of 26 BtoB startups that will be on display in the village by CA from 15 to 18 June.


  • Empty (Paris): Blank Hall Self-Employed Pro Account, created by Credit Agricole Group. Blank offers a pro account, automatic Ursaf declaration, a card, insurance and a set of business management services tailored specifically to meet their needs (quote and invoice version, aggregate, legal aid, payment terminal and funds).
  • Last start (Luxembourg): FinStart is a marketplace dedicated entirely to finance, risk, accounting, compliance consultants. FinStart allows consultants to quickly find experienced consultants with the best accounts and best assignments with the original accounts and companies.
  • After the data (Paris): A French market abuse detection solution after data. AfterData offers European financial players an innovative compliance solution combining machine learning and micro-segmentation.

Marketing / Less

  • Gifty (Paris): gifti is a B2B engagement platform that allows companies to easily build links with their prospects, customers, partners and employees by sending them personalized, eco-responsive and made in France. Their purpose: to bring emotions back to the center of professional relationships.
  • Medicine (Rouen): Potions allow e-commerce sites to generate + 10% revenue for solutions to personalize the user experience without cookies.
  • Communicative media (Milan): Media Contactless is a Swiss startup based on hardware and software solutions, offering new possibilities to communicate with your customers. Through its solutions, any digital experience, including Metaverse, can be connected to physical products and spaces.
  • Retags (Paris): Reetags offers a solution that allows you to deliver live shopping directly from your website. Live Shopping is an online sales strategy, Teleshopping 2.0, which allows Internet users to purchase products presented live from a video.
  • WuDo (Mulhouse): WuDo is a linking solution for professional ecosystems (competitive clusters, business clusters, regions, etc.). This increases the number of exchanges, facilitates helping hands and allows for the establishment of collaborative projects. Actors help each other and collaborate with complete confidence to find solutions to the challenges they face: business, innovation, change, etc.


  • Revaluation (Paris): Examin is a SaaS software that facilitates auditing and GDPR and cyber compliance. Their goal is to enable companies to start sustainable compliance in less than 5 minutes.
  • Sensitive (Orleans): Designed and built in France, Sensivic Intelligent Audio Detection System adds a sense of security. They detect noise abnormalities in real time and multiply the effectiveness of security systems for communities, companies and organizations in an open and closed environment.
  • KwikWink (Dijon): Kwikwink digitizes and shares access, in complete security, in full compliance with all resources in an easy and affordable way.
  • Sequoia (Brest): SEKOIA has launched the European cybersecurity platform SEKOIA.IO, an active security platform that detects threats to neutralize them before impact.

Green Tech

  • Sunny Shark (Saint-Denis-Reunion): Sunny Shark optimizes the energy consumption of a shared swimming pool using digital twins and specific algorithms based on artificial intelligence.
  • Webvert (Rouen): Webvert is a website repair and decarbonization company. Webvert allows you to find a competitive website in a matter of days without changing the engine or rendering and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Mobility :

  • Trivia (Toulouse): Trivia offers an autonomous and integrated service for the provision of electric scooters and electric bikes within a defined community. From B to B models, this offer is aimed at professionals who want to provide a turnkey micro-mobility solution to their employees and / or customers.
  • Circle SAS (Paris): Circle Hall is an urban, electric, 100% digital vehicle exclusively dedicated to car-sharing operations and parcel delivery. The project is being led by Eric Bulier, former CEO of RENAULT and McLAREN at Formula 1.


  • Reflex accident (Clermont-Ferrand): Reflexe Accident is an independent car claims management platform in France and Vivatech is launching an innovation in the car demand market in 2022: the first fully digitized accident report.


  • Doms (Bearetz): Domms is developing a solution that enables industries to participate in supporting and improving their performance, and the technologist offers three applications to adapt to every situation they find themselves in.
  • Diagrams technology (Lille): DiagRAMS Technologies publishes predictive maintenance software based on its dual expertise in AI and industrial engineering. DiagRAMS analyzes data used less in factories to identify breakdowns and errors related to maintenance, quality and energy consumption.


  • Blue Frog Robotics (Paris): Blue Frog Robotics, a pioneer and leader in social robotics, has created “Robots for Good”, which embodies mental AI to have a significant positive impact on major social issues: education, inclusion and population aging.


  • Fever token (Paris): FeverTokens is a complete and integrated no-code solution for the “NFT” platform and interaction with various blockchains for creating and managing Taylor-made Web 3.0 applications, especially through the development abstraction of “Advanced Smart Contracts”. .


  • Dipango (Bordeaux): Dipongo offers interactive stories for children to awaken their creativity and raise their awareness of social and environmental values. Dipongo is a library of stories found in an application.


  • Pixtrack object (Bordeaux): Pixtrakk Objects is a platform that offers easy-to-use artificial intelligence tools to help all intellectual property professionals (IP firms, intellectual property attorneys and brand owners) secure their assets IP.


  • Thunder SRL (Milan): Thunder develops software for occupational health and h & r. The main software, Docall®, is dedicated to doctors, clinics, hospitals and large companies for conducting medical visits. Thunder SRL also creates YouDoc® for companies and employees to better manage their health activities.


  • Stooli (Marne la Vallée): Stooly is a French brand specializing in furniture design for small spaces, made with 100% ultra-resistant cardboard, foldable, designer and with an eco-responsible commitment.


The window (Paris): la vitre is a software solution that creates a common space between your remote sites that creates the most natural exchanges possible.

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