Costs, reasons for advice … shrinking with your child

With Michael Larare, Pediatric Psychiatrist

When should your child be referred to a psychologist? This is a real parental question! How is psychotherapy carried out for the youngest? Michael Larar’s counselor, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, author of “The Secrets of Our Unconscious” (ed. Librinova)

Child Psychology: What’s the Difference Between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

Above all, it is important to distinguish between a child psychiatrist and a child psychologist, as Michael Lara noted: “A child psychiatrist is a doctor. He is a man who has studied medicine and is a child psychiatrist. The child psychologist, or child psychologist, has taken a course in psychology at the faculty for his part, and has also specialized in the study of children. In practice, the fundamental difference is Pediatric psychiatrists can prescribe medication to children, whereas child psychologists cannot. On the other hand, two practitioners can set up psychotherapy and diagnose one. “

Early Childhood Psychologist: At What Age Should You Start Counseling?

At what age can a child start consulting a psychiatrist? Is there any interest if too small? Michael Larar gives us a positive answer: “You can go to a child psychologist at any age. Child psychologists can even go with future parents during pregnancy. Obviously, in the first years of the baby, the session will be performed differently. Under two years, the practitioner will mainly address the parents. In this situation, the purpose of the appointment will be to evaluate and diagnose a child if there is a suspicion of delay or relationship problems. For very young children, a child psychologist can advise parents to help their child develop. ”

Why Tip: When to See a Child Psychiatrist?

If there is no age limit for consulting a child psychiatrist, under what circumstances is it necessary or desirable? From sleep disturbances to endless crying, the reasons for counseling can be numerous. Michael Larar answers us: “In the meantime, there is no danger of making an appointment with a child psychologist. This will not be a problem for the baby. In the worst case, the advice would be without interest. To determine if the baby needs to see a contraction, You have to believe your insights. In some cases, there is no intentional sign, but there seems to be something wrong. If we have this idea, we can consult. In other cases, repeated requests are made from the child. These are, for example, children with separation anxiety, behavioral disorders or OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Sometimes they themselves tell parents to “see a doctor for treatment.” There are also cases where the child has a severe disorder, including social reactions, and which lasts a long time. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use during the transition period.

How much does a session with a psychiatrist for young children cost?

The question may seem trivial, but it is important because not all parents have the same budget. Michael Lara explains to us the subtleties of the remuneration of child psychologists and child psychiatrists: “Very, very few child psychiatrists are practicing in France. So consulting is complicated, and the cost will be high. Also, in many cases, a child psychiatrist will prescribe medication and send the parent and child to a child psychologist for therapy. In terms of cost, child psychiatrists are more expensive but have partial coverage by Social Security. Conversely, the fees for child psychologists are lower, but there is no compensation. “

“Monsieur”: 8 sessions paid

Since April 2022, the Monopsy scheme has allowed anyone, adult or child (over 3 years old) to be reimbursed by health insurance for a session with a psychologist. To benefit from this, you must be referred by a general practitioner who establishes a prescription. Note: Not all psychologists participate in this system. More info here.

That’s it, you have an appointment with a psychologist with your child. What happens during a session? Michael Larar explains to us: “During a classic appointment, the first session takes place in three stages: we first discuss with the parents and the child. Then, we talk to the child alone, and finally in the third step, we all discuss together again. Ideally, during the first consultation, we would like to see both parents Get an idea of ​​family dynamics. This is certainly not an obligation. At the same time, we do not necessarily discuss with the parent without the child’s presence, because it is good that he understands that he is in the center of interest and we do not talk behind his back. That being said, if a parent needs to talk to a practitioner alone to discuss sensitive material (disease, marital problems, etc.), the child psychologist will accept it without problem. “

If the first suggestions are based on an assessment of the child’s problems, how will the following sessions take place? Everything is variable, as Michael Lara develops: “In a child’s therapy journey, we can sometimes offer counseling after only a few sessions. In half the cases, the young patient recovers after two or three sessions.. Children actually have a real emotional flexibility. They are much better at understanding what is happening. As a general rule, the treatment of children is much faster and more effective than that of adults. Psychotherapy can be started if necessary. In this case, we accept the child alone, if he agrees. For every three or four consultations, we hold a joint session with the parents. In the case of a teenager, this type of general assessment is performed quarterly. “

Pediatrician Psychiatrist What is the role of parents?

When a child goes through psychotherapy, parents can ask themselves exactly what their role will be: “The role of the parent is to tell what is happening and what he understands. He answers the narrowed question, which allows him to observe The baby’s reaction Related to family situation and environment. Seeing his parents will also help the child to think about the problem. In a consultation, when therapy is started, the contracted parent may be recommended. It is not that you take your child to a child psychiatrist that you have failed as a parent. The family has to move on normally. The family should not be worried about psychotherapy, “said Michael Lara.

And for teenagers?

For a teenager, should you consult a child psychiatrist or an adult psychologist? “Teenagers are a real specialty. You have to go see someone who is used to it. They are no longer children, nor adults. In general, it will be prescribed by a psychologist. When in doubt, we ask before making an appointment, “Michael Lara summarizes that adolescence is actually a special age group, with specific problems.

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