French St. Louis: Kindergarten, the entrance to the San Luis family

In September 2022, St. Louis des Francis High School, located in Pozuelo de Alarcn, about fifteen kilometers west of Madrid, inaugurated its new crচche and thus welcomed the very young! Fully integrated into kindergarten, and then expanded by very small section classes, this new crche enables 14 children aged 1 to 2 to enter the San Luis family from an early age.

A crচche perfectly integrated into kindergarten

To allow parents to follow their children’s day as closely as possible, Nursery uses a simple and very complete applicationEasily accessible from any mobile: Did my baby sleep well at bedtime? “,” She was feeling a little cold when I let her go this morning: has that changed? “Parents get their questions answered promptly. Thanks to this tool, and the two managers who use it are expert staff in childhood.”

A trilingualism has adapted to the little ones

Younger schoolchildren in St. Louis are slowly and gradually immersed in a trilingual environment for dynamic and fun learning, and at an age when children have an incredible ability to distinguish and understand different languages ​​without difficulty. It is a strong desire of Lycée Saint Louis des Français to promote foreign language learning., Employs, in each school cycle, specializes in this teaching of local teachers or teachers. Thus children develop very quickly in a multicultural environment: they listen, learn, and at first begin to speak little by little French and Spanish, and gradually discover English.

There is a web radio in St. Louis, with a real studio where children become real entertainers. A fun and informative tool, it’s a great way to develop oral and language skills.

Educational values, cultural and spiritual openness

Many projects and events are celebrated throughout the year in kindergarten or cycle Highlight educational values ​​that govern establishment and cultural diversity : Days of Peace, Francophone Week, Mathematics Week কর্ম Workshops and trips are also organized regularly to arouse the curiosity of children and to develop the joy of working together on common purposes.

As a Catholic organization, we are committed to awakening the faith and richness of inner life of children during prayer moments in a corner, chapel or classroom dedicated specifically to these meditation times. Children also discover the importance of sharing, living together, solidarity, respect and attention to others, values ​​that will stay with them throughout their lives.

St. Louis of French Madrid

Learn to take care of your environment

The company has also started A project called “Green Flag” Where students from kindergarten are made aware Respect the environment And reusable they discover what the first gestures of each day have to combine (picking, avoiding paper waste, remembering to turn off the lights when leaving the classroom, etc.) and thus calling us to be the essential guardians of the blue planet. ! Our vegetable garden is another way to make children aware of the importance of nature, healthy food and the need to preserve them.

St. Louis of French Madrid

A “French-style” kindergarten

Schooling for children from the age of 3 has long been a French specialty. This policy now concerns a growing number of countries, including Spain. It has been implemented for many years in St. Louis de Francais, a historically Franco-Spanish organization run by the work of the same name, led by the French ambassador to Spain himself. With this knowledge and this tradition, The organization, which has already had an AEFE-approved primary department from CP to CM2 for twenty years, is currently working with kindergarten and college approvals for the start of the 2023 school year..

St. Louis French MadridFrench Saint Louis

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