How to make your child a model child in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a fashion and consumer hotspot. The Fashionista With access to brands from all over the world, distributors find there an in-demand local market as well as an entry point to the larger Chinese market. Due to the presence of ethnically diverse populations, communication agencies outside of low taxation are attracted there. This makes it possible to hire models for advertising campaigns across all profiles, covering the entire Asia Pacific. How to turn your child into a model child?

Child modeling, how does it work?

If you want to try adventure, you need to start with a set up Books (In good English) or Portfolio. It can be done quietly at home, through an agency for a fixed price (allow about 3000HKD), or through a photographer.

If you do this alone, there are a few simple rules: the baby must be alone in the photo, wearing comfortable clothes (not princess style), but which will show body proportions, face the camera, hair is visible and loose, without many accessories, smile, Full body. It may vary in posture and dress. It will often be necessary to renew the operation, as children change rapidly and companies ask for very recent photos.

Some companies allow space for mini models on their websites. The same message, photos need to be updated regularly, as well as information (age, size). Parents can upload this data for free. The first name and one or more photos will be visible to everyone

You can try your luck and share your child’s profile with different organizations.

If a client launches a project that may be compatible with your child, the agencies will contact you Casting. It could beOpen casting (Candidates meet), or personal interviews. Then you must go to the designated studio, follow the instructions and advice of your agency (clothing style) and try your best. For some kids it is a real joy, for others it is stressful and irresistible. And then there are the good days and the bad.

Be careful not to disclose your personal information in the studio, it is your agent who acts as the mediator. You run the risk of being blacklisted as a model who doesn’t play the game.

The next step is when your child is selected Shooting. Dates and prices are indicated to you in advance CastingYou must commit to it first Casting Available in this slot and at this price.

Young and beautiful (photo @ Iatya Prunkova, Pixabay)

Why would a model in Hong Kong do that? What are you expecting?

Just like for adults, the type of performance is very diverse: magazine photos, TV commercials, contact for billboards … there is very little information about the general parade. Catwalk For children, this is a matter of greater convenience “Offline”, In the studio. Some companies are looking for mini-hostesses for the event, as well as singers, dancers, jugglers and even firefighters. This is a variation rather than modeling in the strict sense of the word.

Product types are very diverse. It can be with clothing, games, brands and products dedicated to children, sometimes with other children. This is why a Casting Different types of profiles may be included for the same customer. It can also be modeling with adults, especially for educational magazines or school contacts.

The Casting Movies seem like a different world.

It is considered that modeling for children can start from a few weeks of life, up to about 14 years of age.

A good model above anyone who likes to take pictures is normal, in front of and below the camera Spotlight. There must be someone who likes to look, likes fashion, likes to admire. Your child should be smiling and not be afraid of eye contact.

Be prepared to have lots of pictures, lots of patience and lots of smiles before choosing your child. Activity can be very variable, with Casting After several weeks, then nothing.

Children's book Hong Kong model
There is a demand for different profiles in Hong Kong (photo @ Oman12, Pixabay)

Schools, agencies and contacts will start from Hong Kong

To get started on the right foot, you can start by contacting a modeling school or camping. Lucy Petit, Top 5 French Entrepreneur, Small Newspaper Hong Kong 2021, has thus created a camp offer. You can follow too YouTube channel

As for the agency, be careful, never pay to register or create a profile. A good agency should trust you and support you.

Here is a list No borders Company for baby models in Hong Kong.

East West Modeling Agency

This Agency Organizes Casting Games and toys for kids, fashion products, TV commercials, parades and events. You can create a profile in their space for free.

True West Talent

This company ( is looking for photos, TV commercials and voice recordings for children, especially Western children. (Voiceover). They diversified their activities and also represented dancers and all kinds of talents. You can contact your kids to share pictures for free.

Model factory

Cast, Fit, but touches on everything from advertising, TV spots, events and product promotion, to model factories. Model Factory ( posts your profile directly on their website. They will be freely accessible, racially categorized for adults, together for children, including first name and year of birth. Customers can then add you to their favorites list and access more photos. So we forget all the scruples about image protection. They are tirelessly looking for new faces.

NME model

NME ( has offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and mainland China. NME provides all kinds of promotion, coordination and planning services for model and child artists.

Joyce Young

Joyce His passion, he gave up his first career in risk management to engage himself in photography. He offers Books Role models, for young and old.

Enterprise photography

This Photography company Provides family portraits as well Books Professional for your kids. These are used in portraits of children or very young children.

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