“L’Atelier 1901”, a fab lab and fellow space, will be open to the public at the former Cabourg College

L’Atelier 1901, a newly shared living and working place desired by the municipality of Caberg and Mayor Tristan Duval (left). The Pace d’Oz

Monday, June 27, 2022 will be the day of the official opening of “Atelier 1901” in Cabaret. Taking place in the former college, which has since become “Espace Cabourg 1901”, this 220 m² living and work space, completely renovated and renovated, will provide a new range of services for the residents of Caborg, with the materials available to accommodate them. Will 6 In the realization of their project or their creative hobby.

This new equipment, desired by the municipality, makes it possible to reuse parts of the old college buildings so that they can be used by residents and associations. “When the college closed, the main idea was to create a year-round accommodation for the people living nearby. A collaborative part has emerged, a youth space, a temporary music school before a socio-cultural center, ”recalls Sebastian Delano, a youth and school assistant. The project has evolved over time, but retains its mission:

Create a life set where people can come to meet, exchange, share for different purposes: meeting around social, looking for a job, discovering how to create something …

Sébastien Delanoë, Cabourg’s youth and school affairs assistant
Damien Marie (left) will lead a variety of public services, such as the use of a digital embroiderer.
Damien Mary (left), animator, and David, Civic Service, present the use of a digital embroiderer. The Pace d’Oz

Three distinct places

Accessible to all, Atelier 1901 is divided into three distinct locations, which still communicate with each other. Equipped with a 75 m² “peer” shared workspace and equipped with modular, digital equipment (screen, fiber connection, photocopier, laptop PC rental, etc.), meeting room and a lounge. A “fab lab” space, a real workshop and 80 m² manufacturing laboratory, laser cutting and engraving machines, a CNC milling machine, a 3D printer, a digital embroidery machine.

As part of the Cabourg 1901 development, we wanted to create a fab lab that allows us to create, build, manufacture …

Tristan Duval, mayor of Kaberg
Comfortable spaces adapted for shared work.
Comfortable spaces adapted for shared work. The Pace d’Oz

Seven months work

It took months of reflection and work to shape the site, “We had limitations with the building, we had to work with an existing one, the problem of asbestos in certain paints, partly improving the quality of electricity,” said Sebastian Delanoë. Seven months of work and an envelope of 150,000 euros were needed to revitalize the place.

Training will be provided, as well as support for the Fab Lab. To this end, a facilitator and a young man in the civil service have been hired. “There are some machines that can be complicated to use, allowing people to be trained for their individual projects, individually or in groups,” notes host Damien Marie. Two agents will be present “to support users, in their individual or group projects. People need to use this space to create activity.”

Open door

Open days are held on June 11, 2022 from 2pm to 5pm and on 22nd and 25th June from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm. “The goal is for people to come and see for themselves the potential of the place, the tools available,” said Sébastien Delanoë.

Atelier 1901’s services are available directly on site, at Avenue de la Divet or at rates available on reservations at and atelier1901@cabourg.fr.

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