Le Nouvelliste | After a two-year absence, Catts Pressoir College resumed its expo-science fair

After a two-year absence, Catts Pressoir College resumed its expo-science fair

Posted on 2022-06-06 lenouvelliste.com

Cats Preschool College hosted a traditional exhibition of scientific projects on June 4 and 5, 2022. Despite a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 epidemic and political crisis, the first-year students’ creativity does not suffer from any of the basic anemia of the terminal. Proven by the skillful presentation of 7th AF students Samuel Dorval and Widmaley Cadet on solar energy. The research work focuses specifically on ecology, biology and renewable energy. According to Professor Guy Etienne, students have set too many times this year to make up for two years of absence. According to him, the challenge is to show creativity and create projects that meet the needs of development. “They took the whole school year to prepare for this exhibition. They have conducted remarkable projects related to the use of natural products, renewable energy, intolerance to certain food products and drugs, artificial intelligence and robotics. This work has exceeded our expectations, ”said Anand, director of Cats Preserve College.

The school is famous for its innovations in education and technology. When asked about the source that allowed the institution to stay on the course, Guy Eaton replied: “Our children stop speculating about the past. We show them how to project into the future, into the future. They use everything they have learned in school to build that future. We have completely overturned the education system and we are fully in practice. Students learn to use their knowledge to improve their quality of life and bring about real change in the country. A

On the first day of the fair, National Education and Vocational Training Minister Nesmi Manigat took part. He did not hide his appreciation for letting the schoolchildren know. “I have been a visitor to this exhibition for many years. This is a great time for any educator to experience the concrete learning experience. Through this exhibition it will be seen that the lessons of experimental science cannot be learned only in books and within four walls. Even with limited resources, we can achieve innovation, ”believes Mr. Manigat.

Nesmy Manigat, who attended two new Secondary II student exhibitions, said she was happy to see modernization taking shape. “It simply came to our notice then. I have seen children who have followed a module in Life and Earth Sciences (SVT) to explain how to use fossil resources and how to convert them into biodegradable plastics. I have seen young people to explain clearly how to build anti-seismic and anti-cyclonic buildings. In a country facing risk and disaster management, the importance of the new secondary SVT series can no longer be demonstrated “, he said confidently, adding that MENFP has recruited young people from the National School of Applied Geology (ENGA) which will serve all new secondary series.

In addition, Professor Guy Etienne expressed MENFP’s interest in continuing to work with its establishment. In this sense, he continued, the Ministry of Education has a special interest in the “Connected High School” project. He also mentioned the support of the Franco-Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We have received funding to equip Saint-Jean du Sud High School with electronic and technological equipment. Minister Manigat wants a partnership with La Saline High School and the project to be replicated in all high schools. We have just signed a partnership with the Franco-Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The chamber will fund all our projects to replicate our model in other schools, “said Professor Guy Etienne.

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