Listen to 8 podcasts to escape and relax this summer

Summer is fast approaching! Are you planning, this time, to really go and relax? Great idea! We’ve put together a list of podcasts for you to dive into. And for those who don’t have the opportunity to travel very far, we have something that will take you across the Atlantic Ocean.

1 – 1,2,3 FictionBy Penelope Boef

Nothing stops Penelope Boef. Writer, actress, podcaster, entrepreneur and storytellerIn his podcast “1,2,3 Fiction” he will force you to travel ৷ Various funny, light and weird storiesListen without restraint.

And if you still can’t find your travel destination for this 2022 vacation, go straight to the episode “Planted in the summer”. Your destination may not be what you think it is …

1,2,3 Fiction

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2 – It’s already tomorrowBy Helen Chevalier

To those who often project themselves into the future. For those who want to know how in 10 years, we are vocal. How technologies will evolve and which will be born. This podcast is yours.

With Helen Chevalier, You dive into innovation that will surely change our lives. Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Augmented or Virtual Reality, Transhumanism, Bio … In short, A future podcast by Franceinter.

It’s already tomorrow

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3 – Kiss, see you tomorrowBy Mehdi Mayad

Looking for thrill and suspense? “Kiss, see you tomorrow” Fans of psychological thrillers will serve you.. Mehdi Mayad, the Belgian director, will take you through this breathtaking fiction. The story of a man who suspects a young woman of committing a crime.

From then on, he was harassed and threatened on the phone every day. About 17 mini-episodes have been createdIn this fiction you will tremble with pleasure.

Kiss, see you tomorrow

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4 – BorlinguezBy Marc-Antoine Malaspina

Thirsty for cultural diversity and travel? This bi-monthly podcast Immerses us in the lives of expatriates, trainees or ordinary travelers Travel to other countries. Glad to hear “Bourlinguez” is to discover what, cultural differences, but The human adventures that can be brought to our habitation Travel.


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5 – ScoutBy Emmanuelle Coulon

It is a trip to the four corners of the earth, For which Emmanuelle Coulon has invited us. Goes to “En Eclaireur” Meet these French expatriates who have left their cityLiving in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bali …

A daily, Different stories and experiences, which you will probably want to pack up.


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6 – My life changedBy Clotilde Dusoulier

Your future weekly appointment. Every Thursday, Clotilde Dusoulier Decipher the power of our thinking And how they explain Make our reality.

Self-portrait, Relationships with others, perfection, MeditationCreativity, state of mind… a Useful podcasts that will invite you to introspect. Good humor all!

My life changed

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7 – PowderBy Lauren Bustide

A real treat for our ears. Lauren Bastide, Go to meet women of inspiring careers who have marked the history of France 21st century.

Artist, Politician, Activity, Entrepreneur, They all did great things And we want to hear about it. Inspiration is a breathAvailable twice a month!


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8 – Siao ParisBy Valerie Bauhain

Have you lived in Greater Paris for a long time and want to move? But is it difficult to pass the course? This podcast is for you. Valerie Bauhain Meet people who have decided to make a living somewhere else. Or even change your lifestyle.

Manager to, Paris to Los Angeles. Everything is possible. These ex-Parisians advise us not to look back and leave. Your turn, perhaps?

Siao Paris

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And you, what is the podcast that travels you? Share them with us in our forum. And if not, we have other podcast tips for making peace with old age.

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