Lot: In Cairo, two new commercial spaces will emerge from the ground, one of which will be at the Brico Depot.

Work is well under way on Avenue Maryse Bastié to guarantee that the new location will be open to 10 commercial brands from the summer of 2023. For the purpose of updating this project and converting the other two Labéraudie sites

Behind the construction gate, the commercial project is taking shape along the Avenue Maris, attracting the attention of curious people. In September, work began on this plot of land of about 19,700 m2 to build a 9,866 m2 building from the land that would house ten commercial brands.

“We have completed the classic foundation and special foundation. Car park cover work is underway. It will be covered upstairs by commercial space. By the end of the month, Cadurciens will be able to see the framework.” As for the interior fittings, they will be done by the first half of 2023, with Thierry Levek, director and founder of the Arcades Group, projects 2023 “for a desired opening in the summer.

The building will accommodate 10 brands for an opening scheduled for the summer of 2023.
DDM – Latitia Bartoni

To meet flood-prone areas as well as sustainable development regulations, the project leader, who worked closely with Cahres City, confirmed a design that optimizes land space, and exposes as much green space as possible. In detail, he explained the spatial organization of our site: “Car parks will be under commercial cell, at different levels, thus preserving the land. At the same time, the roofs will be green, with integrated water. Although an outdoor awning will cover a pedestrian walkway, stairs and lifts will also be available to reach the shop customers’ car park.

Architectural project of new commercial site.

Architectural project of new commercial site.
Image approved Bouchet Architecte -Rives du Lot

The center will host ten brands, eight of which are already known: Chausséa, Bleu Libellule, Alain Afflelou, Coiff & Co, StockOmani, Action, La Foir’Fouille and Intersport. Interrupted.

Arcade, a company specialized in commercial town planning, thus promotes commercial space for rent, project implementation and construction, but also rents out stores. “We are the owners of this investment,” said Thierry Leveck, whose interest is to satisfy lot customers as much as possible and to ensure that his economic project succeeds.

A new project is emerging from the ground along Avenue Maryse Bastié.

A new project is emerging from the ground along Avenue Maryse Bastié.
DDM – Latitia Bartoni

For now, Boss is confident: “Relationships with the Cahurs are excellent. I find that the layout and connections in this area of ​​Laberaudie are well thought out and the site offers an interesting complement to the city center. I hope this new project is still satisfied with existing offers.” Will help clients who are not in Montauban to flee commercially. “

Labrador: The end of the Harbin project, but the arrival of a Brico depot

Above Cahors Ring Road, still in Labéraudie, another project will be set up, led by the Harbin Group, which is involved in business real estate. 1.4ha was dedicated to create a mixed business park with this greenhouse site, office, hotel, restaurant etc. Despite the submission of the building permit, the project will not see the light of day in the end, as the merger of the two plots was required for land rights which could not be completed.
This land retains its economic purpose for any future project.

However, a 2 hectare plot of land nearby has been purchased by the Epure Group, which is considering building a building on behalf of the Brico Dépôt brand and has just received a building permit (already denied). According to our information, construction for an opening in the autumn should begin soon.

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