Lush committed to colonizing public space

From June 8 to 15, the association is launching Mémoires et Partages, Change ASBL and Lëtz Rise Up, Lush in collaboration with “Let’s decolonize public space

What is the colonization of public space?

What’s the problem? The way (again) is presentedColonial history In public spaces (i.e. urban environment is accessible to all). Colonial history is thus criticized for diminishing the atrocities endured by those who were persecuted during this period:

– Pride of the people (idols, street names, etc.) who participated in the establishment of the colony without properly explaining their role to the people.

– Less representation of victims

The problem? It distorts the image and interpretation of colonial history as it really was. The three associations (Mémoires et Partages, Change ASBL and Lëtz Rise Up) then had the idea of ​​launching the “Let’s Colonize Public Space” campaign with the following objectives: Recognition of colonial history And Rehabilitation of the memory of the black slave trade During this period of colonization. Their workplace?

  • MEMORIES AND SHARE (FRANCE) is building a “house against slavery”, a social and urban project to respond to new monumental problems and to welcome exchanges, debates, artistic expressions around the historical questions of colonialism and slavery but also contemporary issues. This story, like racism.
  • Change ASBL (Belgium) raises awareness, educates, informs the public and builds a link between members of the African Diaspora and any other community.
  • Lëtz Rise Up (Luxembourg) – through the “Decolonize Luxembourg” campaign – significantly organizes “Decolonial” guided tours of the city of Luxembourg.

4 Ways to Support the Colonization of Public Space with Lush

And since it is everyone’s job to protect human rights, we too can support this fight. Special thanks to the way the body is set up by the brand, which is still very promising!

  • 1 / Buy a bath bomb to finance the action of the association

The brand has envisioned a bath bomb to raise funds. This is the “Knowledge” charity bath bomb, with a fragrant flower and vanilla note, all sales of which (excluding VAT) will be donated to 3 associations.

‘Knowledge’ charity bath bomb. Body cosmetics. 9.

  • 2 / Appoint elected officials

At each Lush store, a letter of commitment is provided to elected officials (Memoirs at Partages for France, ASBL Change for Belgium, and Letz Rise Up for Luxembourg). It tells elected officials to make the right decision to truly de-colonize public space. At the end of the campaign Lush will send all the letters to the elected officials concerned … so we go to your nearest Lush to get your signature and your stone contribution to the building!

  • 3 / Use your social network

With hashtags # Decolonize2022We give impetus to the campaign “Let’s colonize public space”, we fuel the debate … and we challenge elected officials.

  • 4 / Sign the petition Of memory and sharing

… if you are from France, change to ASBL (Belgium) or Lëtz Rise Up (Luxembourg). Millions? Request strong action from municipalities to start renovating public spaces. In France, the petition, written by Memories and Shares, asks the municipality of Bordeaux for a more significant commemorative plaque in front of a statue of Modest Testas with more information on colonial history – an African woman, born around 1765, subject to slavery. Bordeaux merchant -.

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