“One call, one appointment” line The service is even offered to patients with a family doctor… for some time

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. But in the office of the health minister, Christian Dubey, it has been assured that work is underway to make the line accessible to all quickly “until the frontline access window (GAP) is fully operational”.

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Ariane Lacorsier

Ariane Lacorsier
The press

The full deployment of GAP is planned for August, but will only be accessible to patients who do not have a family physician.

Montreal, the mother of three Diana Sinclair, needed a quick appointment last week for one of them, who had been suffering from fever for several days. Her 4-year-old daughter and 14-month-old twins are registered with a family doctor. Thursday, m.Me Sinclair called their clinic at 8 a.m. to make an appointment. “I was told there were no appointments for Thursday, not for Friday. And the clinic is closed on weekends. I was told to go to the emergency room, “she lamented.

A popular line

M.Me Sinclair thought of returning to the “one call, one appointment” line. Launched in September 2021, the line was originally intended to offer quick appointments to sick children in Montreal to avoid overcrowding in emergency rooms during epidemics. Patients with or without a family doctor were eligible. But in March, the line stopped offering its services.

Many parents have criticized the situation in recent weeks. Faced with this outcry and the increase in emergency room traffic, the CIUSSS du Center-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montreal announced on Friday morning at 98.5 FM that the line would be reopened.

However, some parents quickly become frustrated. “When we call the line, we are told that it is only accessible to patients without a family doctor,” lamented Vivian Carly, the persuader of a petition to bring the line back “one call, one appointment-you”.

On Monday afternoon, the call line actually specified that the service was “for patients aged 0 to 17 without a family doctor.”

For meMe Sinclair, who used the line last winter and was very pleased with it, said the situation was deplorable. “It simply came to our notice then. We have problems too! “, He says. A position shared by many parents, according to M.”Me Carl

In Minister Dubey’s office, we acknowledge that the “one call, one appointment” line has been “very effective.” Parents in Montreal have been promised “their Guichet d’accès telephone number in the coming days.” “We are working with the team to ensure that the 0-17 age service is available to those who have a family doctor and those who do not have a family doctor until the First Line Access Window (GAP) is fully operational.”

The goal of GAP is to consult a health professional for orphaned patients in Quebec. For meMe Carl and M.Me Sinclair, GAP will not address the plight of parents who have a family doctor, but who are unable to consult their child quickly if they are ill. “Is it better to leave our family doctor so that we can continue to have quick access? M asks.Me Sinclair.

Keep your doctor

Family Doctor in St.-Jean-sur-Richelieu, dD Joëlle Bertrand-Beauvais believes it would be “a mistake” to leave her family doctor. “I understand my parents. We want to get quick advice if our child is sick. However, we will consult with GAP. There is no follow-up, “he says. GP gives the example of a child being assessed for ADHD who is seen three times a year after his first diagnosis and who clearly benefits from a family doctor.

A general practitioner specializing in addiction, dD Marie-Eve Turgeon acknowledges that in pediatrics, the situation is special and the “one call, one appointment” line meets a real need. However, he believes that not all patients should consider leaving their family doctor for quick access to counseling. “Having access to a doctor who responds to a quick service is not the same as having a doctor who knows you,” he says. Especially for patients with more complex profiles. A

In Mr. Dubey’s office, we also believe that patients should not leave their family doctor. It has been suggested that the recent agreement with Family Physicians will “enable family physicians to take better care of their clients”, especially by seeing their registered patients more quickly, and allow Quebecers to “finally and easily and quickly charge”.

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