Rafael Nadal, childless after 17 years with Jiska Perello, talks about the disease he suffers every day: Mueller-Weiss Syndrome

Rafael Nadal is a living tennis legend. A cheerful athlete, she has been married to the great Xisca Perello since October 2019. The two lovers love each other very much and support each other. They don’t have children yet, but they want to be parents.

On June 5, 2022, Rafael Nadal won his 14th French Open title and his 22nd Grand Slam title. He is the only person who is on the list of such prizes, thus making him a true legend of the game.

On a sensitive level, he married tennis player Maria Francisca Perello, whom he met in 2005 with his sister Maribel. They are not yet parents, but lovers want to be one.

Rafael Nadal has made his debut in this regard, but he has also been suffering from the disease he has been suffering from since the age of 18 and which may lead him to retire.

Discover his confidence.

Spaniard Rafael Nadal poses with his wife, Jisca Perello, after a photo call for his 14th win at the Roland Garros on the Alexander III Bridge in Paris, France on June 6, 2022. Source: Getty Images

A rare disease from which Rafael Nadal has been suffering for 18 years

Rafael Nadal was crowned Roland-Garros for the 14th time in his rich career. The 36-year-old Mallorcan defeated Caspar Rudd in the last 3 sets, and yet the Spanish champion is suffering from a rare and incurable disease. The latter affects the condition of his left foot.

But what exactly is the disease?

Rafael Nadal’s Spanish royal family presides over the National Sports Awards ceremony at the Royal Palace in Madrid. I Source: Getty Images

Since the age of 18, Rafael Nadal has suffered from Mারller-Weiss syndrome, also known as “osteonecrosis of the navicular bone” or “tarsal scaffold”.

20.05.2010 – Roland Garros 2010. I Source: Getty Images

The disease affects the navicular bone of the foot, causing it to become flattened or even fragmented. According to Pr Mainanrd (president of the French Association of Foot Surgery), the disease can lead to “osteoarthritis with shortening of the plantar arch.”

The pain that Rafael Nadal is experiencing is increasing day by day, and he is being forced to resort to anti-inflammatory drugs to continue playing tennis:

“I live with a ton of anti-inflammatory every day that gives me the opportunity to train (…) If I don’t take them, I become lustful”,

He assured.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal reacts after a point against Greece’s Stefanos Sitcipas in their men’s singles quarter-final match on the tenth day of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on February 17, 2021.

Even the best champions have limits and Rafael Nadal is no exception to this rule.

“My problem, for quite some time now, is that there are many days when I live with a lot of pain.”

He hid the magazine Le Point.

In the event that anti-inflammatory drugs can no longer be effective against pain, Rafael Nadal may undergo surgery, but not without consequences. Professor Maynard thinks that “it seems difficult to practice high-level sports after such an operation.”

Spain’s Rafael Nadal celebrates his victory over Belarus’ Ilya Ivashkar during their second round match on the third day of the Barcelona Open Bank Sabdale 2021 in Barcelona, ​​Spain on April 21, 2021. I Source: Getty Images

As Rafael Nadal put it well, during the tournament he resorted to the infiltration of several anesthetic products. These injections caused controversy in the tennis world, as some players in this environment felt that Mallorkan had broken the rules of the circuit.

Absolutely not, because these intrusions are actually permitted, in contrast to glucocorticoids, which have been banned since January 1, 2022.

Married to Cisca Perello after 14 years of relationship: Who is his wife and why is he often absent from Nadal matches?

Rafael has no intention of taking Nadal for many years. He is married to Cisca Perello. They have known each other for many years, and they reunited in 2005. The Lovebirds announced their engagement in January 2019 after a 14-year relationship.

They were married on 19 October of the same year at Fortaleza Castle in Mallorca.

Rafa Nadal poses with his wife Jisca Perello in a formal wedding portrait after their wedding in Mallorca, Spain on October 19, 2019. Source: Getty Images

Jisca Perello, whose real name is Maria Francisca Perello, has a degree in commerce and works in insurance. She is also the project director of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, which her husband started in 2008.

Francesca ‘Jisca’ Perello and Rafael Nadal. I Source: Getty Images

Unlike what we observe with other athletes, Xisca rarely participates in her husband’s sport. This attitude can be surprising in multiple ways, but there is a reason.

He did not take part in his match so as not to confuse her. In a 2011 interview with Telegraph Magazine, the young woman explained:

“She needs space when she competes, and the thought of just hanging around me and waiting all day for her needs makes me tired.”

Francesca ‘Cisca’ Perello watches Rafael Nadal play in an exhibition match against compatriot Carlos Moyer at Fortis Tennis Classic at Harlingham Club in west London as they prepare for the Wimbledon Championships, Madrid June 22, 2007. I Source: Getty Images

He does this to protect their relationship:

“It’s going to be suffocating for me. And then he has to think for me … no. If I follow him everywhere, I think we might not be together.”

He concludes.

Rafael Nadal explains why they still have no children

Rafael Nadal’s illness could push him to retire earlier than expected. During a press conference in Roland-Garros, the champion talked about the rest of his career:

“I wanted to play this tournament, we did everything for it, but I don’t know what will happen after Roland-Garros. .

Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello attend the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, held on November 18, 2021 at the Italian Consulate in Madrid, Spain. I Source: Getty Images

If this is confirmed, the Mallorca tribesmen may therefore retire and dedicate themselves permanently to future fatherhood, because yes, she does not yet have a child. About this, the 36-year-old said:

“I thought I would have children when I retired, but the question got longer.”

Siska and Rafael Nadal exchanged a kiss. I Source: Getty Images

Although the couple has no children yet, they do not want to give up:

“It will probably happen in the future because we both want it.”

There is


Rafael Nadal.

Being a parent is one of the best things that can happen to a person and we wish this couple the experience of this indescribable happiness.

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