Specializing in the promotion of physical activity, why the activity will push itself in the market of health technology

It took a health crisis to turn health into a major issue, which everyone has seen and much less ignored since then. Admittedly, the aforementioned crisis, like many other areas, has played an accelerating role, but the fight against the ill effects of recovery, old age, and sedentary lifestyle is already a source of caution. It must be said that physical inactivity is as serious as obesity or tobacco, killing 5 million people a year. A general health issue that is also a matter of activity.

Content designed by the medical profession

Since the startup was born in 2019, merged with MyCoach, Sporttech, located at the University of Nice and Cটte d’Azur, has built a strong link with Nice University Hospital specializing in providing analytical equipment for sports professionals. A kind of triumvirate where everyone brings their skills. MyCoach mimics the knowledge of MyCoach Pro, with its knowledge of data management and the ability to create personalized programs – equipping 30% of French professional clubs in all sports and 50% of Ligue 1 clubs and Football League 2. – In sports and health. Cote d’Azur University, in particular, is funded by its 3IA Institute and Idex, the University Hospital Center of Nice, as the specialized operator of the industrial innovation program “Aging Well”. .

A reunion that therefore addresses a need, because if the messages of encouragement to practice a physical activity are overwhelming, it is difficult not to be too deprived in the face of a fragmented, non-personal and slightly “technical” proposition. An observation shared by Thomas de Parent, deputy director of Nice-based startups. “Of course there are many applications that offer the practice of physical activity but none have scientific validity, the content has been rearranged according to the evolution of the user.

To distinguish AI (also)

And an observation that has led to the creation of a digital platform that fills the holes in the racket, nurtured by scientific validity and that, thanks to artificial intelligence, constantly adapts its content to the evolution of its users.

Known as Activity Pro, the platform has raised 3 million euros in R&D. Since last March, it has started a POC with Nice University Hospital, thus aiming to support 8,000 agents. And Activity Pro aims to be a flexible, easy-to-use tool. Management can thus be organized by group, training time, level … Management provided by the health manager of the organization. ” 400 content has been created for CHU – various exercises – but other content can be created from the platform. Our sessions are designed by the medical profession and do not replace human support, but strengthen it. Thomas de Pariente added.

If Activity Pro democratizes what was more reserved for high-level athletes, its added value includes the ability to offer generic and specific content and, above all, the ability to update the exercises offered, in real time, thanks to a good level of AI. A technological contribution that does not offer the same kind of applications, which makes it a differentiator in a competitive market. The platform is also labeled by Eurobiomed, one of France’s health competition clusters.

Fundraising for R&D and feeding ambition

So, inevitably, the activity – with 70% -30% split between Michoac and the University of C কোte d’Azur – has ambitions. Because its market, which addresses the BtoB segment, but ultimately targets BtoBtoC, is broad because it concerns both healthcare organizations, companies, the elderly and local authority housing organizations. Yes, Thomas D’Parent is moving on, ” 20,000 government and non-government organizations, representing 10 million employees

The ambition requires funding, so a fundraiser is underway to allow startups to continue developing tools, financing R&D feeding, finalizing artificial intelligence programs, integrating gamification, and transforming into medical devices. , A very important step because it expands the target market.

All in a context where, without starting the marketing phase, Activity Pro is being tested in Reggie Ligan in D’Azur. Whether ” The French market is huge 7, as underlined by Thomas de Parent, the international picture is well on the roadmap for 2025. The activity, which will strengthen its team to bring it to 7 employees by next year, plans to enter phase active marketing from 2023.