The Taser drone project to protect schools from genocide is controversial

After the Uvalade drama in Texas, Exxon, the maker of Tesar, unveiled a drone project capable of crippling an attacker in a confined space. Internally, the project caused a public outcry and with the resignation of its ethics committee, the boss had to back down.

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It is rare for a brand or an object to become a common name, and in this case Tasers In which Guns Electric pulse has become the norm for arresting and neutralizing dangerous people. Thus it is used and sold over the counter in 49 states of the United States.

But the American brand, known as Exxon, has other plans in mind, and the recent shooting at a school in Uvalade created a prototype. Drones Electric pulse. This defense drone, designed for a moment on a computer. ” Help prevent the next Uvalde, Sandy Hook or Columbine. “ The CEO of the brand has announced.

Purpose: One minute to neutralize the attacker

This Remote control drone Will be ” Able to neutralize an active shooter in less than 60 seconds. “. A strong argument when you know that Uvalde’s killer was able to stay at school for an hour … and that Axon had been in contact with the police for six years. The idea is that each installation will be equipped with one or more DronesPosted in the corridor, and which can be occupied by anyone in the organization in case of serious problems such as the intrusion of an armed person.

However, the project did not pass the company’s ethics committee because nine of the twelve members of the committee resigned after learning about the project! They fear that this drone will be in the hands of the police A dangerous weapon What more could I want? According to one of the resigning members, it will be Just dangerous and irresponsible “While the committee generally believes that this project “ Distracts society from a real solution to a tragic problem


Faced with the resignation of the company’s founder and CEO. Rick Smith, had to step back : ” I want to make it clear: I have announced a possible delivery date in a few years as an expression of what might be possible. This is not an actual launch schedule, especially since we are suspending this program. A Taser drone no Deadly Remote control at school is a concept, not a product, and it goes a long way. We have a lot of work and studies to understand whether this technology is even effective and whether public concerns can be adequately addressed before moving forward. A

Initially announcing his project, Smith directed the commission members to a comic book, entitled The End of Killing. He is in this comics This type of system is described in detail. “ Through a fictitious counter-terrorism operation in Syria. The assassins were thus neutralized Robot Tasers are especially driven by artificial intelligence. For now, reality will not join the myth.

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