Transco: Assisting in joint retraining

To help entrepreneurs and HRs facilitate inter-sectoral mobility and retrain their employees, the government relies on the Transco system operated by Transition Pro ile-de-France.

How to find partners in health, digital, hotel, catering, construction, transportation, industry? So desperate to recruit in many sectors. How do you expect a career change, market loss, or even a shutdown without loyal employees on the floor? How to engage employees in the retraining process with HR and company managers who are struggling for recruitment? A very real problem, which is not contradictory, to which the Collective Transition (Transco) system responds, which the government has introduced since January 15, 2021.

The change is already tomorrow

In the 1950s and 1960s, careers were all mapped. When an employee enters a company, he knows that he will take more or less regular steps and he will retire quietly. This world is completely over.

In today’s job market, Generation Z thinks differently and changes more easily. Change for the better, change for the better, change to adapt to a world of change, change to predict the future and shape yourself, change to earn more, live better or pay for your life.

Outside of GenZ, degraded employees, workers in uncertain situations, weak employees due to multiple crises … want or need to change direction.

Professional transformation, a relevant lever

Instability, HR’s nightmare? Not necessarily. According to some studies, most of the jobs occupied by the French in 2030 still do not exist today. The world is changing and adaptability has become the key word. Adapt to economic and health crises. Thinking about the future in terms of digitization or environmental change.

By 2030, about 60% of current occupations are likely to be affected by change technology. At the same time, new professions are emerging, especially in relation to digitization. Environmental transformation is on the rise, green and blue economies are enjoying relentless vigor, and the development of artificial intelligence and e-commerce is creating new skills.

Retraining is convenient and supported

When it comes to Transition Pro Ile-de-France. A toll-free number is reserved for HRs and DGs who want information: 0800 949 549. They can also consult at The intelligence? That helps these companies financially enable companies to retrain their employees.

Set up and funded by the state (.4 64.4 million in IDF), this innovative solution (Transition Collective Aka Transco) targets companies or groups that are undergoing change or who identify employees whose jobs are at risk. Offering a comprehensive retraining of employees to the growth profession that enables them to predict future changes and ensure their future employment. These volunteers will be advised to undergo certification training so that they can acquire useful skills for their retraining. There will also be the possibility of getting CléA certification to strengthen their basic knowledge.

Professional transformation is a job, a job in the service of job change that will soon be the actor of their professional mobility (especially private contract CDI, CDD, temporary worker, non-stop du glasses).

Statistically Transition Pro ile-de-France, it :

5 devices:

  • Professional Transformation Project (PTP)
  • KeyA certificate
  • Transco device
  • Resigning device
  • Validity of acquired experience (VAE)

235.5 million euros in state funding.

In 2021, 13,957 applications were submitted, of which 10,863 were valid in 2021, meaning that about 8 out of 10 applications submitted were financed.

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