When a mother adopts a child, they call her selfish and tell her that she is too old for it

When a woman in her 40s decided to adopt a child, she had no idea how wonderful and fulfilling the experience would be. Unfortunately, sharing her joy as a mother with the rest of the world has given her some very unpleasant surprises.

Guardianship is an incredibly beautiful journey that completes people in ways they never thought possible. Each family is special and unique in their own way, they naturally choose to conceive a child or adopt to feel complete.

Sometimes social pressures and old rules can force people to refrain from experiencing motherhood or fatherhood. At other times, individuals may be criticized for settling down later or starting a family.

It is important to understand that age is only a number and the unpredictability of life challenges age, health and other factors that can be used as strong determinants. Also, everyone’s life and circumstances change and so do the deadlines.

Interestingly, Chris Mansour’s story has a similar theme. This woman from Canal Winchester, Ohio has always wanted to be a mother and has spent more than ten years trying to get pregnant.

The indomitable desire to be a mother

When nothing worked, Mrs. Mansour said she considered in vitro fertilization and other methods during her first marriage, but it ended abruptly before she finally got through it.

However, things changed for this woman from Ohio when she met her current husband, Claire, who shared the same desire to start a family. Fortunately, the couple became pregnant very quickly, but the sad news quickly turned their happiness into a cloud.

However, according to a recent study published in the “European Journal of Developmental Psychology”, older mothers have fewer behavioral, social and emotional difficulties in their children.

The struggle was real

Sadly, the couple lost their children, and three months later Mansour had an abortion. The woman explains:

“A doctor finally told me I had to stop trying and that I could never be a mother. It was a shock, but I was determined to concentrate on my work.”

Miss Mansour’s decade-long journey of motherhood has been interrupted by endless trials and tribulations. He was about to sink into a cycle of trauma, anxiety and despair when one day something extraordinary happened.

A wonderful message

In 2019, Mansoor received a startling text message from his cousin that changed his life forever. She was 48 at the time and had multiple miscarriages. Part of her came to terms with the idea that motherhood was not on her card.

To Mrs. Mansour’s surprise, her cousin, who was recovering from her addiction, told her she was expecting a child and asked if she wanted to adopt him.

Bring the girl home

The news came to her unexpectedly, but Mansoor and Clay agreed to take the baby without hesitation. Regarding this life-changing experience, Mansoor shared:

“We were present at every stage of pregnancy and delivery. We were there for the ultrasound and in the hospital, when she [le bébé] Born, I was even able to cut the cord. “

The couple came to the hospital with a strong desire to be parents and carried a baby girl, Einsley, in their arms. Since then, things have been going smoothly, and Mansour and Clay have adopted Ainsley in March 2020.

The first mom shared that the adoption process was long and laborious and involved endless checks and inspections at social services. He added that the total cost of the entire adoption process was about $ 19,500.

However, Mrs Mansour, who works as an insurance company manager, said the long wait and what she felt and endured to get Einsley in her life was worth it and she did not want it any other way.

Share her mother’s journey

Mansoor is now 51 years old and the proud mother of an adorable two year old child. She shared her journey as a mother on her TickTock and Instagram page called “The Vintage Parents”. In one of his TikTok videos, he gives an overview of his parents’ struggles. The caption reads:

“After my last miscarriage, at the age of 41, I was told that I would never be a mother and that I would have to accept my fate.”

In the second half of the same video, a happy Mansoor hugs his baby girl and the caption reads, “I am 51 years old with my two-year-old daughter.”

Negative comments

Mom’s TikTok channel has 9.4 million likes, and her videos are garnering thousands of views and comments from netizens. Unfortunately, the comments section is full of positive and negative comments.

Mrs Mansour has faced horrific online insults from trolls who called her “selfish” for being a mother in her old age and told her she would die before her daughter could grow up. Others criticized her for adopting a child so late in her life.

Although Mansoor occasionally shares negative comments on his TikTok, he often uses a light-hearted approach when addressing those who have posted these negative messages.

Although Mrs. Mansour occasionally shares negative comments on her TikTok, she often adopts a light-hearted approach when addressing her critics. In a TikTok video, he gave an overview of the horrific comments he received online. One commenter says:

“You’ll die before he graduates. Selfish!”

Another said: “She’s just trying to fill in the blanks because she can’t have children of her own.” But above all, one thing that kept Mansur going was his endless love for his daughter.

Positive comments

In addition to the bad comments, the dotting mother has received positive comments, praise and love from netizens. One person wrote:

“You give a child a chance to get the life they deserve. Where there is a will, there is a way!”

A second added, “I’m proud that you’re an amazing mother. And the love in your daughter’s eyes is priceless.” Mansoor’s story sheds light on a very significant issue: the stigma of motherhood in older women.

The results of research

However, according to a recent study published in the “European Journal of Developmental Psychology”, older mothers have fewer behavioral, social and emotional difficulties in their children.

Research suggests that older women punish their children less through verbal or physical methods. They will be more patient and offer the same to their children. Miss Mansoor’s affair may seem strange to some, but it is no less beautiful.

Joyful mother has expressed her desire to talk to Ainslie about her adoption when she sees fit. In addition, she shares that she ignores online trolls and chooses to focus on her journey as a mother and be the best possible mother for her baby daughter.

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Mansoor donates all of his social media income to Fairfield Foster Closet, a charity that provides free clothing to foster children and adopted children.

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