Which new Aquitaine company will appear?

Like last year, the area show will have a 100 m² stand. File image: MB

The Vivatech Technology Fair will return to Paris on June 15-18. In the Nouvelle-Aquitaine delegation, 28 companies will take part in the event, of which 17 are located in Gironde.

28 new Aquitaine companies will appear on VivaTech next week Europe’s top technology fair will return to Porte de Versailles for the 6th Paris edition on Wednesday 15 June to Saturday 18 June. As in previous years, New Aquatine will be present at a stand of more than 100 m², accompanied by a delegation of regional nuggets. “About 85% renewed compared to 2021, the selection is a mix of diversified, mature, geographical origin, technology, activity sector”, Highlights of the Regional Council. This year, the focus will be on energy and environmental change, related to the theme “Neo Terra Regional Roadmap, adopted in 2019 to support transition to 2030”Specifies New Aquitaine.

The present professionals will be given several appointments. First around the Eurozone, in which Novell-Aquitaine has recently served as president for two years, “Promote cross-border cooperation initiatives in additive manufacturing and bio-health”. One year before the 24th edition of RoboCup in Bordeaux, the scale of startups revolved around robotics, with an up and down display.

17 Gironde Company

Thus 28 companies will be present, within four days of the show, bringing innovation “A number of symbolic strategic sectors in and around New Aquaitan that resonate with the region’s priorities.”The latter develops.

Industrial service
Robot Generation
(33): Located in Mérignac, the company has created through the Running Brains brand, an autonomous robot for security and industrial inspection.
Delfox (33): Start-ups from Mérignac, specializing in predictive technology and artificial intelligence, are creating a decision-making autonomous platform.
Gr Bim (33): A company based in Saint-Médard-en-Jalles is developing a BIM (Building Information Model) solution to accelerate the digital transformation of building companies.
Pickwheel (86): Installed at Futuroscope, Viennese Company is a private electric transporter that is powered by feet.
Adaxis (64): Based on Bidart, Adaxis offers robotic 3D printing software.

Mars and health
(33): Bordeaux startup is building the Dépist & Vous platform, which raises awareness about cancer prevention and screening through a personalized and educational solution and supports its users.
Mesoigner.fr (33): Located in Bègles, the company specializes in the management of new pharmaceutical missions, ranging from pharmacy interviews to system effectiveness, including hiring.
Elastis laser (33): Located in Pesak, the start-up has been designing a laser scalpel for cataract surgery for three years.
Relax (24): At Villamblard, Relax is developing an audiovisual sedation device to reduce the pressure of patients operating under local anesthesia.
Abyss-Medical (17): La Rochelle, a startup based on Surgery 4.0, is developing surgeons solutions to support the entire surgical cycle, both in veterinary and human.
PureNat (64): In Angleton, PureNat is building a new generation of air purifiers that destroy air pollutants instead of saving them.

Technology for the environment
(33): Installed in Saint-Jean-d’Illac, the air booster converts metal walls into massive radiators and reduces heating bills by up to 80% by recovering heat from the sun.
Elzard (33): The Bègles company markets a platform for farmers. The latter can optimize their crop plans, through an innovation that integrates data diversity and personalizes recommendations.
NRGYbox (33): In Mérignac, NRGYBox offers a public lighting management solution based on population flow analysis from telephone operators.
Libu (33): Startup Libu, already present at VivaTech in 2021, designs and markets healthy lighting that regenerates natural light intended for professionals.
Recycling (87): Haut-Viennese Company builds solar-powered, connected and autonomous robots to pollute aquatic areas.
Ecometric (87): In limousines, Ecometrics provides services for passive sampling (without disturbing the environment) to monitor micropulotants in water.

Innovative materials
Touch sensitivity
(33): Already present at VivaTech in 2021, the company is designing a technology capable of sensitizing all components to physio-mechanical interactions. Then, among other things, it is possible to recover data of stress, traction or distortion in real time.
Scale (64): In Hasparin, the scale has created a biosourced material that is made entirely from fish scales.
RBX Creations (17): La Rochelle Company makes new materials from flax and hemp.

Technology for society
(33): Bordeaux startup designs an attached and secure piece of jewelry to warn loved ones in case of danger.
Genius object (33): At Bordeaux, Genius Objects has created Pozzz, a smart pocket that calculates and rewards time spent physically away from a smartphone, raising awareness and reducing screen time.
Hypnosis group (33): The startup offers hypnosis, a foreign language learning platform under hypnosis.
Video pass (33): Already on VivaTech in 2021, the company is marketing Rematch, an application that lets you capture, broadcast and watch the best moments of amateur sports matches.
Chin (33): Made in Bordeaux, Tcheen is a booking platform for eco-responsible event services.
Noon (16): Located in Angoulême but incubated in Bordeaux, the startup is building a new hybrid, electric vehicle for end-mile logistics.

Digital services
Tehtris- Security (33): Pesak-based company specializes in cyber security. He is behind a platform that automatically responds to the most lightning-fast unknown cyber attacks.
Icomia (17): La Rochelle, Icomia is software that allows any developer to use artificial intelligence algorithms in their own pictures or videos, in a few lines of code.

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