Which pet should I choose for my child?

Criteria to take into account when selecting your pet

“There are a number of criteria to consider before choosing the right animal for adoption. In the environment we live in, in the garden / outside or in a house with an apartment, the time we can dedicate to animals every day, knowing that a dog is ideally one hour outside daily. Need to get out), budget questions (for food but for veterinary expenses) as well as the age of the children. Some dog breeds are much more affectionate and playful than others, Which is ideal for young children “(more so-called working dogs, for example, those who are less emotional),” explains Helen Favreau, external communication manager in Purina France. Not true ৷ “There are many animals that are somewhat like home and accustomed to living in apartments Of course, a dog needs to go outside but is not active 100% of the time. He sleeps, eats, he can get a nice pace of life consistent with living in an apartment. Whatever it is, you must be able to dedicate moments of play, love and tenderness to your animal, it is a part of Responsible acceptanceThere are also psychological criteria, some people prefer more cats, others more dogs, others rats … it all depends on what the children and the family in general want.

Many studies have also appeared The benefits of a pet for a baby. If you want to establish the concept of responsibility, for example, in a child, it is better to take a dog. Toddlers, who are rather calm and very affectionate in nature, will make perfect love with a cat (also affectionate), a rabbit or a guinea pig, a very sociable animal that gives children peace of mind.

Should you choose a child or an adult animal?

“Regarding the age of the adopted animal, some families would like to choose a puppy or kitten, so that it is immediately accustomed to the education of each member. Can give complete advice about animals, dogs or cats, which are more likely to reunite with your family “, Helen Favreau added.

Which pet to choose according to your child’s age?

About 5 years of age is the ideal age to start taking good care of an animal.. Before this age, children can certainly grow up with an animal, but they must always take care of it with the watchful eye of their parents. Fish (which do not necessarily require maintenance) or small animals are more suitable in this case. From the age of 5, the choices may be more focused on dogs, cats, rats such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc. For hamsters, which are more fragile, it is best to wait until the baby is ten years old. The lifespan of the animal obtained should also be taken into consideration. With young children, who are not yet familiar with the concept of death, taking a rat to survive about 2 years is not the best solution.

Tips and a tool for choosing the right animal

What if you offered to show your neighbor his dog, his cat, his rabbit, the kids during the holidays or even a weekend? It lets you know what kind of animal your kids feel most comfortable with and get an idea of ​​their attitude towards it. If family choice falls on a dog, it is still necessary to choose the most suitable breed. PURINA has set up a “selector” that best matches the variety you are looking for. The size of the dog, past experience with the dog, whether or not the family has allergies, time spent on it, the presence of other animals in the family, dogs that are especially good with children (of course!), Etc. , Etc. After fulfilling all the criteria, the most suitable varieties with your choice and lifestyle will be displayed


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