A brilliant Ukrainian, a former karateka, thrives in Kyoto by building his business

Anna Kreshchenko is a 25-year-old Ukrainian who, while continuing her studies, was already able to form an organization with more than ten employees in Kyoto. Despite the great frustrations of the past and his worries for his mother who lives in Odessa, his competitive attitude allows him to be bright and always be a warrior.

An app to support the health of Japanese women

Anna Kreshchenko, 25, speaks fluent Japanese. Coming to study in Japan in 2017, he also formed his own company called “Flora”. This is an application related to women’s health: it records the day her period starts as well as her physical and mental condition, the algorithm analyzes this data and gives appropriate care and advice. The app sees users’ emotions independently.

Anna is always very anxious when she asks people’s opinions about her “baby”.

“Tell me what you think of my application.”

Since he has been in Kyoto for five years now, you can sometimes hear a little Kansai pronunciation when he speaks Japanese! She gets excited while talking about the city.

“The best thing about Kyoto is that you can go anywhere by bike. And as you walk, you’ll come across Japanese cake shops, … and you can taste them for free! And then I love it Tamago kake gohan (Rice mixed with a beaten raw egg). Sorry, I’m taking a little away! A

Anna had a hard time, and it was a big disappointment that pushed the young woman to build her company in Japan.

The dream of the Olympics disappears

The other side of bringing is karateka.

“There was a dose very close to my house. I started learning karate when I was six or seven. I was also interested in the history of martial arts. I even read HagakureSamurai’s Code of Conduct, which dates from the 17the Century.

In her third year of middle school, Anna finished third in a European Championship and then continued to shine in the Premier League.


“I was aiming for the Tokyo Olympics. I really wanted to participate, but despite all my efforts I was not selected because I did not make it to the top ten at the 2018 European Championships. My Olympic dream was shattered A

Anna failed to make the top 10 at the 2018 European Championships.
Anna failed to make the top 10 at the 2018 European Championships.

When Anna’s dream was shattered, her cousin, who was pregnant, lost her child to a severe depression.

“It was a terrible shock for the whole family and a real appreciation for me. I really understand how misunderstandings keep women’s health. And I told myself I wanted to contribute to finding a solution. A

It was a combination of his frustration and his sadness that led him to take a new path. Directions Kyoto.

Anna is a “normal” Japanese employed by the warrior

Ukraine is considered an IT world power and has been around since Soviet times. Anna grew up in a technology-rich environment and thought that Japan would allow her to develop further.

He rolled up his sleeves and decided to set up a company in Japan with Ivan Seleznov, a civil engineering researcher at Osaka University, and another Ukrainian student. They have already recruited more than ten people.

Anna and her work partner Evan
Anna and her work partner Evan

To make his app more familiar during an ad meeting.
To make his app more familiar during an ad meeting.

Takada Ryôta (21) works on the floor. “I am an ordinary Japanese who grew up in a privileged environment. I don’t express myself too much and it’s often hard for me to criticize. But Anna, she says what she thinks. I was a little shocked at first but I realized the positive side and it helped me to expand my own perspective. A

Thanks to her competitive nature, Anna attacks every day, determined to succeed: “Our company is not a family, it’s a sports team. When one falls behind, everyone loses. A

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya

Anna’s mother lives alone in Odessa, the main port in the South Black Sea. The two communicate almost every day. Following the bombing, the city is currently under Russian siege, which prevents grain exports from Ukraine.

Anna in the video with her mother in Ukraine.
Anna in the video with her mother in Ukraine.

Anna’s mother tells her that she has cleaned the cellar of the house and workers are waiting to turn it into an air strike shelter.

Anna tells her mother that a reporter asked her what kind of girl she was. She answers, “Do you want me to cry? You are a wonderful girl! I thank God for you. You are my greatest happiness. I’m sorry to hear that. I love you And I’m glad there are people around you who love you. A

Anna would like her mother to come to Japan and join her, but she does not want to leave her home. However, Anna is sure that her energy has been sent to Ukraine.

“It’s like when I was playing sports. I was aware of the effort I put in every day and now I’m doing the same. There’s a lot I have to do. I’m getting more impatient! Maybe I should start meditating.”

“There is a lot I must do. A

Anna was able to overcome her obstacles and heartache and find her way. Bright and determined, all hopes are granted.

(According to the broadcast Prime Online May 31, 2022)


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