Accuracy: “We want to bring as much technology as possible to our mission”

Policy makers. Accuracy will celebrate its 20th anniversary in less than two years, what is your biggest pride when you see progress?

Frederick Dupenchel. When we left Arthur Andersen in 2004 to start this entrepreneurial venture as a team of seven, it was a huge challenge. We thought about our skills, formalized our strategies seven days a week. At the time, everyone said it was madness to start from a blank page. However, very quickly, the major reputable clients trusted us and from the first year we supported Carlyle, Alstom, Thales, Kering and Suez. It is a source of great pride to be able to line up such names so quickly.

Rudolph Pacierella. If we have been able to get through these years so well, it is also thanks to our human capital and work environment that is at the center of accuracy, with many moments of comfort, training and a culture of innovation. The whole international network.

Conversely, what was the biggest challenge you faced during these years?

FD The constant challenge, especially as we emerge from the crisis, is to maintain a healthy pace for our team. Taking care of all employees during times of intense activity like today is essential for the quality of work given by our clients and the quality of life in the workplace within the firm. To do this, we must adapt to new ways of working while maintaining a family attitude and guarantee a level of intellectual challenge, which is characteristic of the consciousness of righteousness.

In this regard, what do you consider the characteristics of the soul of accuracy?

Public relations Thanks to the presence of 13 countries and 36 different languages, we have a unique framework that provides the same quality of service to our customers locally, with the ability to immediately intervene while allowing real career possibilities for our partners abroad.

“We need to learn again how to deal with inflation.”

Nicolas Barcelona. For example, I recently completed a mission in France with a team from Singapore and Hong Kong. It is the highly flexible and fully integrated organization of accuracy that gives us this capability and allows this great consistency, characteristic of our team attitude and quality of our service.

FD This adjustment is made possible by the departmentalization of the system to evaluate and reward partners, we do not have a separate but global compensation plan: the company’s results are shared by all partners based on quality of effort and the ability to collaborate, which allows us to build collective By

As technology becomes more important in consulting activities, how does the method of accuracy differ?

FD We want to bring as much technology as possible into our mission. As such, we’ve hired a dedicated team that includes data and artificial intelligence expert Jean Barre, and for several years we’ve had a lab with employees in the digital world who are capable of coding and offering new services to our customers. Internationally, our offices in London, Montreal and Dubai are increasingly integrating technology.

NB We are not a technology group and not even an IT services group, we want to be committed to our consulting mission: we have the technology to improve the quality and relevance of the services we offer our customers. This, of course, has to do with decision making. Rising rates, inflation, broken supply chains …

What’s the next minus point for your team?

R.P. The challenge for today’s leaders is to take stock of the situation and support them as much as possible in a volatile and uncertain environment. There is a lot of cash surplus for state aid, at the same time turnover has decreased and increased rapidly since the recovery in 2021 and, today, we must make accurate diagnoses to anticipate the future.

FD The inflationary environment is unprecedented, no one has felt it in this proportion and we need to re-learn how to deal with inflation. Similarly for supply chain disruptions, these are global events that have never been seen before. But as long as the wind blows, it does not move in any direction. We will be able to adapt, our model works in all weathers.

Interview by Céline Toni

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