At Brehan’s school, they are different … so what!

English lessons between two audiences: a successful example of inclusion. © Kendra Morbihan Gazette

Upon his arrival at the Kervihan Medical Educational Institute (IME) in Brehan, Manuel Rabiel, an expert educator, recalls: “I was used to working with people with intellectual disabilities, but when I saw the shape of the chairs, I wondered who could use them!”

Because IME Welcoming children deprived of autonomy and severely disabled. “There are people with multiple physical disabilities and people with intellectual disabilities. Most have no language and no social autonomy. Others suffer Autism spectrum disorderForms of autism characterized by sensitive and social hypersensitivity. “

Severe obstruction

Sometimes these young people combine two categories, for example, trisomy and autistic disorder. All in all, these 35 Children and adolescents who are in school or at least can go to school.

In this way, there are only a few IME students Goes to school every week Public Robin Fucquet. “This teaching unit has been in existence since 2015. It is in line with national aspirations for the promotion of inclusive education,” said Natacha Laurent, the school’s director.

This is a Adaptive class is called “outsourced” From that IME a dozen children come to spend half a day a week. At the same time, among children with disabilities and others, there are general courses. Sometimes great success but limited to Manuel Rabilar. ” Inclusion It brings together young people of the same age, but sometimes there is no interaction between the two. “

Taming the difference

Accept it already to explain the difference.

They need to be understood, especially for mothers. Their fears about the disabled disappear in the first grade. But during class work you need to find a common language.

Natacha Laurent, director of Brehan Public School.

Makaton Appropriate sign language A form of common language allows. School children learn songs and learn IME sign songs.

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In the morning the children use IME The wheel of emotion Made with Pictogram: Tired, sad, happy … “Skills are unequal between them. Tymo is able to express himself despite his genetic disease and holds 5h30 in class. Others last only 3/4 hours. Camille, in a wheelchair, manages to sign in English, and her enthusiasm is reflected in others. It’s very useful for ordinary students. “.

For educationist Manuel Robilar, nothing can be visited on-site Get a real idea This audience like no other. “When children come to visit IME, they really understand what is happening there, how they live. These children suffer from permanent physical pain and receive medical treatment. Occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists surround them. They do nothing like the others. There are at least three adults for every four children. “

Natacha and Manuel Rabila are special educators
Natacha Laurent, Director of Public Schools and Manuel Rabiel, Specialist Academician © La Gazette du Center Morbihan

“Noise, they hear louder than others”

This fragile public perception Feelings and emotions With great intensity.

They are very upset about what is happening. Noise, he hears louder than others. The lighting is the same. If anyone hears a plane in the sky, they lose all their concentration so they are given sound-canceling headphones. Their senses are highly developed but they cannot analyze.

Manuel Rabilar, an educator at the IME de Kervihan in Brehan.

If a student cannot write his first name, for example, Raphael is able to recognize it. He is a boy and he is in a good mood.

Specialists with intellectual disabilitiesSpecial education teachers have rigorous training. It is essential to support these young people. “My biggest skill is learning to manage their emotions and communicate with them. You need a lot of empathy because it’s hard for the audience to understand.

Sometimes certain efforts can be wasted in a very short time.

It is not uncommon for them to have a regression phase. Within a week, they could return two years after the epileptic seizure! It works like a reset on a computer.

When these kids are in trouble, you have to answer quickly, “Otherwise they can break everything! Manuel warns Rabilar. “They need well-defined rules and routines.”

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