Bought Oracle Cerner, a symbol of Big Tech’s crash on health

The biggest acquisition in the history of technology giant Oracle marks its arrival in the healthcare sector. A sector is tempted by growing technology companies.

Cerner completed the acquisition of the corporation, the largest in its history, since $ 28.3 billion This week, data and cloud giant Oracle is making a big splash in the healthcare industry.

To take the first step, Oracle had to sign a large check and take out its calculator. Because Seize Cerner, it’s a bet. The company is a leading provider of data for hospitals and healthcare systems. Information that enables healthcare professionalsAdjust their diagnosis and offer appropriate treatment. Cerner reported revenue of তৃতীয় 1.47 billion in the third quarter of 2021, up 7% from the previous year. So the company did not see rapid growth, which made it an ideal takeover target for Oracle.

The acquisition was announced late last year, just before Christmas. He has just passed the administrative error And has been approved by various regulatory bodies in the United States and Europe

From database to cloud

Transformed into a Cloud Business, Oracle has historically made its fortune with management software, In which it was the world leader and database. Its cloud operations are now represented 25% of its turnover, But the California company, which recently relocated its headquarters to Texas, is opening new data centers around the world every month. He should be 44 by the end of the year.

But its infrastructure is taking shape Oracle is always looking for new clients to host in its cloud and new data to strengthen its infrastructure. What could be better than entering a sector with huge potential to try to convert new customers? Because, in addition to the potential for income diversification that Cerner represents, it attracts Oracle to its sector, healthcare and its customers above all. The company, founded by Larry Ellison, sees its future in this sector. And it’s not the only one.


Billion dollars

Oracle has spent 28.3 billion to acquire Cerner Corporation. This is the largest acquisition in the history of the company made by Larry Ellison.

Technology and health, relative spirit

Health is a huge market. In the United States alone, the sector has a market of about ,000 4,000 billion. Extrapolated to the whole world, the image shows you the dream. Not surprisingly, digital giants are trying to grab a piece of the pie by making multi-billion dollar bets.

Oracle is not the first and will not end. Last year Microsoft snatched Nuance for .7 19.7 billion, A company that has developed technology that uses artificial intelligence and voice recognition to improve telemedicine. This was the third largest acquisition in the history of the computer giant. Microsoft has even created a cloud dedicated to health in parallel. This shows the importance of the sector among the big technology companies.

Other big tech companies are looking at the healthcare market. Amazon has been quiet so farBut over the past year it has moved into the sector with health-centric partnerships, recruitment and research activities. Google’s approach is more intimidating In recent months, since the person responsible for the development of this sector, David Feinberg, moved to Sarner last October. And so now on Oracle.


  • Comes from Oracle Complete the acquisition of Cerner For $ 28.3 billion.
  • The largest acquisition in Oracle’s history marks its arrival Health sector With the acquisition of Cerner, the leading provider of health-related information for professionals in the sector.
  • Other internet giants are also trying their luck in healthcareSignificantly, Microsoft made a similar acquisition a few months ago.

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