Clermont-Ferrand high school students report to CHU Estaing, where Apech hospitalized children come to bed

Since 1995, in Clermont-Ferrand, Apech, a local association for hospitalized children, has been working with children in the pediatric sector and providing services to welcome minors, without operating costs and supported by a handful of volunteer caregivers. At CHU Estaing in Clermont-Ferrand.

As part of an editorial work in partnership MountainOf
Students from Ambrois-Brugier High School in Claremont-Ferrand met and
Interviewed by early childhood educator and animator Roman LeBeau
Within the association.

What is the purpose of the association?

“The purpose of the app is to improve hospital admissions
Children and their families. The association is unique in France because it does not exist
Focuses not only on pediatric oncology, but overall
Hospitalized children, aged 3 to 18 years. A

What does the association offer to children?

“The Apech offers them some fun workshops and also brings a number of speakers to CHU, such as magicians, storytellers, clowns, musicians … bringing a magician every 15 days, for example, represents a fairly significant cost. Euro year.

What is the response of children to the proposed activities?

“All the feedback from the children is very positive, the speakers are very welcome! The speaker brings the children a rhythm a week. For example, they know that one day a magician will come, one day they will be a musician … Psychologically, it helps them to move forward, and it also gives them a chance to forget and recover their pathology. Go away for a moment.

How is the association funded?

“Hospitals cannot finance all the desired projects. Contributed
Not insignificant from donors. In addition, there are some actions
The front of the CHU has been set up to raise funds, such as selling pancakes. We may also be requested by other associations or various partners who will participate in the financing of the association, such as the Bank Popular Foundation, which has given us a total of 4,000. A

What are the projects of the association?

“We want to buy new equipment for children, especially new games, but we also want to arrange receptions for families, offering a number of workshops for children, plastic art workshops, virtual reality workshops and so on. A

Has Covid-19 affected the association’s operations?

“In terms of grants received, no. But Kovid’s visits have been severely curtailed
Various speakers, who could not come for health reasons.
This has greatly affected the morale of the children and their families. A

What has the association brought to you personally?

“Being a part of APEH has been very rewarding personally, although I have been a member of the association for only two years. The main thing for me is that the children benefit and they are satisfied with the various workshops given to them. A

The lack of teachers does not spare Clarmont-Ferrand Academy

How can we help the association?

“Talking about associations around you is already a great start. Some high schools organize cake sales, for example, to raise funds for the association. We collect toys, but only new ones. Every gesture counts, even the ones we can think of as minimal.

As part of the Bank Popular Overgrown Ron-Alps Foundation Trophy, organized in partnership with the Clermont-Ferrand Academy Rector, Media and Information Education, the award was first created by the students of Clermont-Ferrand’s Ambrois-Brugier High School on 22nd.

Interviewed by Fastin Baird Demosier, Diego Berenguer, Sara Simetiere, Damien Gay, Essem Laid, Elea Neraval Vieira, Salome Ozix Martinod, Florian Robert, Naya Tailot, Rachel Villet, Celine Yesiliurt

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