Emilion: A new Master of Science specializing in data and AI!

From Return to school in 2022, Emilion Business School Will offer MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Techniques. The purpose is provided Artificial intelligence And Data At the heart of the school’s academic proposal. The program is based on research work AIM Institute (Institute of Artificial Intelligence Management).

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An MSc with ambitious goals

The proposed program is split Three complementary dimensions: Appearance TechnicalThat ManagementAnd that Social responsibility Combine to provide long-term learning tools for students:

  • Master Technical aspects
  • Establish data and AI strategies Efficient
  • Integrate into this great Social and environmental issues.

So the ambition is to combine these three aspects and create the “talent” of the future with a hybrid profile.

The talents we train in MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will benefit Broad vision of artificial intelligence And AI will become the strategist that all organizations need to think, design, create, and implement responsible and positive impact systems. To get the most out of AI and data science, this is crucial To integrate ethically and business dimensions natively. Technology is essential but certainly not enough! ব্যাখ্যা Explains effectively Emen Brigue, Academic Director of MSc Information science and artificial intelligence techniques

Time 18 monthsMSc students will study in the future English These are different issues, on a basis Theoretical corpus But also through the various experiences offered by the program, such as:

  • Strategic
  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Intercultural

AI and data science, the field of the future

The program was created in response to this Strong demand from the company for hybrid profiles A variety of these skills are used in this domain Sector (From human resources, from marketing, through money, etc.), and many more Business This can be practiced by future graduates of MSc: AI Strategist, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Digital Marketing Analyst.

Yaming Gang, The director of the AIM Institute talks about this: “Based on that observation Develop a data culture (Or data literacy) more than today Required In both OrganizationFor each of that Unique, Learning And this is the transmission of culture Emilion is at the center of AIM Institute’s educational and scientific work, As much as with the organization, through field work, conferences or training. A

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Collaborates on research work at the AIM Institute

This new master is supported by research from the AIM Institute. AIM conducts its work around the Institute Understanding the impact of AI for management Organization, industrial and business ecosystems. The research center of the institute has been named AS TOConsisted of ten research professors with hybrid profiles and made several Scientific work Subject.

For example, involved in a research project Ten retail companies And sponsored by European Union ECR (Efficient Consumer Feedback) has just been launched for investigation by the Institute Contribution of AI to improve supply chain management and stock availability.

This work is published in scientific journals and is shared during certain events organized by the Institute, e.g. International Conference on Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Which happened in December 2021.

Thus, in September, Emilion will offer these new, promising and ambitious, hybrid and visionary postgraduate degrees, responding to new challenges in the field of rapid expansion of high demand for multifaceted profiles.

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