Faced with rising prices, the French are opting for the D-system

Faced with rising food prices, the French are trying to cut spending, or look for alternative solutions. If one goes to the vegetable garden, many French people prefer to go to clearance stores.

7.99 euros per kilo of tomatoes, that was the last straw. When she saw the price of tomatoes on supermarket shelves in early May, Nathalie Leonard realized she could no longer eat like she used to. At least if he wants to keep the same standard of living. At age 45, the community chef decided to take the bull by the horns and set up a large vegetable garden of 25 m² at the bottom of his garden in Cambridge (north). The following year, she even plans to adopt a hen so that she no longer has to buy eggs all year round.

In the supermarkets, “everything has become so expensive, it’s indecent”, the 45-year-old northerner blew up on BFMTV.com. “I haven’t been out for some time due to an operation, and when I went back to my shopping in early May, it was a shock: more than 100 euros for my shopping cart, when I bought the same product as usual. For the week before, I I used to carry 150 euros worth of groceries, now it’s about 260 a week. Everything has grown, meat has become a luxury. “

Within a year, consumer goods prices rose 1.5% in March, uniting all circuits (supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, drives, etc.), IRI panelist. Although there seems to be an increase in this regard Headline inflation over the same period (4.5%), Yet it crossed the 1% threshold, which was 0.58% in February. And it’s far from the end: inflation Speed ​​must be increased 5% by summer, “unheard of since 2008”.

“It’s tighter financially”

“We can no longer, but I have two salaries with my husband, one of which is above the minimum wage. We could have had fun before, but not anymore.”

Refusing to deprive herself of courgettes, green beans, peas, carrots, cucumbers, pickles, or even raspberries … fruits and vegetables, Nathalie Leonard was inspired by her neighbor. “I saw him do it and I told myself it would cost me less and at least we wouldn’t have to eat less good. In fact the tomato plan is 0.80 euros”. Nathali, however, is dependent on the weather, which is not very calm in the north of France at the moment.

“Financially it is more tight and it is not easy”: Jasmine S. does not have enough land to grow her own fruits and vegetables. These housewives, who live in Hauts-Alp, avoid the shelves of the traditional supermarket to avoid the “red end before the end of the month.” Like many French people, he now prefers hard discount or branded outlet stores.

“A few days ago I was going to a casino or a lidley, but even for a small budget they have become very expensive and their prices have gone up. This affects everything from the price of healthy products, oil, baby milk and even water packs”, he explains.

Weak family budget

To buy her fresh produce and meat, this mother of two young children (8 years and 6 months) now goes to the regular clearance store, even if it means deliberately choosing products with a shorter expiration date. It is a complete company. “As time goes on, you must try to set a monthly / weekly running budget and stick to it. The mother of the family.

“Our picture has changed quite a bit in recent years,” said BFMTV.com Domitil Leban, manager of Gap (Hauts-Alpes) ‘s LeBon Destacure company, who explained that he had recorded a 60% increase in attendance since the month of February.

Her store, which opened three years ago, offers unsold food items at bargain prices from the 30-year-old traditional store, fresh produce at low prices but a short expiration date and even hygiene products.

“People take our brand steps much easier than ever before,” confirmed Dominic Grandzin, head of the Soissons (Aisne) instant promo clearance store. “People had a certain pride and some did not dare to buy too much stock. But today with the price increase it has become more normal because everyone agrees that it is no longer possible.”

Reflect new costs

Dominic Grandzin says he sees “a clear difference” in the average basket of his customers. “Before, people came to us for two or three fancy, passionate shopping and then went to the supermarket next door to do their ‘real’ shopping,” the store manager develops.

“Now they take the whole basket and try to shop with us as much as possible, excluding highly targeted products that we don’t necessarily have, and they go to their traditional supermarket because they have no choice.”

“The things we sell the most are fresh products like meat, fish, cheese, yogurt …”, continues Domitille Lebon, who says he sells at “a lot of bargaining power”. “People can spend more on our shelves, and in addition they find the products of their choice at affordable prices, as they have become very expensive in the supermarket.”

“Opponents acknowledge that the expiration date (known as DLC) may be shorter, or the product’s minimum expiration date (DLUO, which has no adverse effect on health) may be out of date. They are still usable, they have lost their flavor. “

“But it doesn’t stop people, we see more and more people who know it. Some people come to see us regularly to ask us if they like this or that product.”

To hard discounts and destocking

Attraction to hard discount and clearance stores has also been a success for online consumer YouTubers through their videos on Lidl, Action, Stockomani and Gifi. In these videos, these consumer influencers compare the prices of decoration products, detergents and other everyday products that don’t seem like a dream. However, they are very successful because in this difficult time, everything is fine to find the right deal.

On his youtube channel “My feminine privacy“YouTuber Razika, for example, helps people make their purchases with details of the latest arrivals and the best promotional offers discovered in various stores.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne announced on Tuesday that those most modest in the face of rising prices would be given “early school year” assistance. The amount of this first aid could be “150 euros”, said Dominic Charge, president of the Agricultural Cooperative. The government has indicated that in the second phase, “a reflection” will be introduced on a targeted device to allow all French people to access quality products, organic products.

Jean Bullant BFMTV journalist

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