Hauts-de-seine Lost more than 4,800 hours of lessons, angry parents

Facing their children’s non-replacement lesson hours, parents of students gather at Hauts-de-Seine. (© DG / News Seine-Saint-Denis)

The association of parents of students in the face of replacement lesson hours is increasing at the end of the school year. On Tuesday, May 24 and 31, 2022, there were more than ten demonstrations in front of the college Paul Bert Of Malakof (Hauts-de-Seine) face to face Lack of teachers.

A “normal” situation across the region where more than that 4,800 unchanged course hours FCPE students in the department are counted by the parents’ association.

About 5 weeks of classes were not replaced

Within the balance sheet class at Paul Bart College in Malacca, German lessons are quite rare. All in all, according to the parents, 67 hours German The balance of each class that was lost during the school year due to non-replacement of a sick teacher.

“It simply came to our notice then Inequality Among children, families who take national lessons to replace national education. Some young people want to join a European class at Lycée Michelet on which the college depends and the risk of not having a level, ”the mother regrets.

Parents of students at Paul Bart College in Malacca staged a protest on May 24 and 31 over the number of lessons not being replaced at the academy.
Parents of students at Paul Bart College in Malacca staged a protest on May 24 and 31 over the number of lessons not being replaced at the academy. (© DR)

Like other institutions in the department, the problem is not only with language courses, but also with visual arts, technology, history-geography or even math. On average, per class, estimates in Paul Bert’s parents 140 and 150 Number of lesson hours since the start of the school year in September 2021. “This is a lesson that has been avoided for more than five weeks,” said one mother.

More than 4,800 hours were wasted

“There’s no replacement pool, it’s a situation that’s been getting worse for two years,” said one disgruntled parent. Lack of teacher transfer is a thorn in the side of national education. “It’s not a new phenomenon, we’ve been warned for years The situation is worse And that’s normal, we should have done it sooner, “said President of FCPE 92 Catalan hair.

4,837 hours Courses that have not been replaced at Hauts-de-Seine since the start of the school year in September 2021 were listed on the site on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. Wapscourse Made by FCPE. “It simply came to our notice then Down The reality is, because it is only based on what the parents of the students declare on the platform “, noted Caitlin Lome.

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Legal action

Georges Pompido College Villeneuve-la-garenneSeven families have decided to take the case to court and filed a lawsuit in December 2021 Complaint For lack of education with administrative courts. “My son is in fourth grade this year and last year he had more than 1,500 hours of lessons from which he did not benefit. We’ve been close to the same amount for this school year. Children have the right to this education To have Of the state, “said one mother.

“It’s really the last resort, it’s sad to come,” said Judge Catalin Lome. FCPE supports and stays with families in these legal processes. “The court will inevitably give us reasons, but nothing will change if there are no more teachers,” the association’s president lamented.

Lack of teachers

Faced with this shortage of teachers, the Academy of Versailles, on which the Hauts-de-Sain schools rely, decides to hold one for the first time, from May 30 to June 7, 2022. Work dating Open to all 500 teaching posts Non-container In power A method that caused a stir in the department but, according to National Education, is almost approved 3,000 applications Across the academy.

“The teaching profession is no longer an interesting profession today,” the column analyzed Figaro Jean-Rmy Girard, president of the National Union of High Schools and Colleges (SNLC), who believes the recruitment process is “a sign of a general devaluation of certain functions essential to society.”

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