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Questionnaires 94 citizens for the 2022 Assembly elections
128 candidates are vying for 11 seats in Val-de-Marne on June 12 94 Citizens invite everyone to answer a few questions to compare candidates’ preferences. They arise as feedback is posted.
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In a nutshell, what are the 5 things you consider to be priorities in your riding and what can you promise to intervene to protect them in the election?

How does the National Assembly work? Although 577 deputies are elected locally, those who make laws For everyone
In addition to the Senate, the National Assembly is one of the two elected chambers that make up the parliament responsible for passing laws. These laws are proposed by the government before they are debated and voted on in parliament, or are proposed by the members of parliament themselves.
There are 577 deputies elected by direct universal suffrage by the Assembly constituency. Val-de-Marne, for example, has 11 constituencies. Deputies are therefore elected locally although they then work on the expansion of the law from a national perspective.

1 ° Housing
Social landlords (private and public) are obliged to maintain and renovate their rental stock.

2 ° Galloping concreting
Put a brake on the frantic concentration and its nuisances in our already highly urbanized cities.

3 ° Education
Protect the development of a diverse educational path so that all children entering 6th grade are equipped with the same basic knowledge.

4 ° Security, civility
Encourage video security in public places across 9th District,
Get more resources to fight violence and barbarism and to help victims.

5 ° Access to health and care
Promote networking of all health professionals in our district

Who is Michelle Bonhome-Afflet?
Dental surgeon, married 1 child. Has lived in Bhitri since 1985. Involved in the Association for the Sick and Children, High School Region Representative, involved in civic and political life since 2014. Canton of Vitri in the 2015 divisional elections and candidate for Electoral de Vitri. Alfortville and today in the 2020 legislature election.
Age : 67 years old
Occupation : Oral Surgeon
Electoral office, present or past : None
Options : Dr. Jerome Abertin, General Practitioner, Opposition Municipal Councilor of Vitri-sur-Sein

Which five of your political movement’s program proposals do you find to be your priority? Do you possibly have a personal subtlety to it, which may be subject to correction?

1 ° Education
Promote so-called front-line occupations through enhanced pay and prioritize their access to housing near their place of work.

2 ° Social
Reassess pensions and reschedule with inflation. Guarantee the return of children with disabilities.

3 ° meaning
Reduce public spending.

4 ° Main project
Establish costs and a schedule for all projects launched by the state.

5 ° Ecology
Fighting against an ecological, biased, political and authoritarian.

Every decision must take into account the difficulties created in the life of the French.

Which committee do you want to sit on?
Culture and education

How does the National Assembly work? Commission
To work on all matters, the National Assembly relies on a thematic standing committee where deputies are divided. Thus they meet in committee to work on the texts before defending them on the hemisphere. There are currently 8 standing committees: Cultural Affairs and Education, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, National Defense and Armed Forces, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, Finance and Law. In each committee, the proportional representation of the numerical representation of the political parties is proportional to the number of seats. The remaining seats are allocated to unregistered elected representatives. It is not certain that a deputy will sit on the commission of his choice.

What if there was only one thing that you could wear during your order? What will it be and how will you protect it?

I will protect the minimum educational wage for our children: we must provide our children with the “minimum essential foundation of knowledge.” Not all students move at the same pace. Some kids need intermediate stages in their school careers. I would suggest creating a middle class for students who are broken down into two levels in primary school.


How would you like to report your parliamentary action to citizens in your constituency and take into account their responses?
To inform and report, I would request a dedicated information space through a variety of municipal communications.
To listen, I am proposing to maintain durability and the provision of a “proposal book” on the Internet.

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