Lush is committed to “colonizing” public space

“Let’s colonize public space”. The campaign theme, led by cosmetics brand Lush, in partnership with Memoirs at Partez, Change ASBL and Letz Rise Up. The consolidation campaign, conducted in France, Belgium and Luxembourg (where the three associations are located) aims to recognize colonial history and allow for the restoration of memories of the black slave trade during the colonial period.

According to Brand, colonial history has caused a number of problems in public spaces (i.e., the urban environment is accessible to all) as it is today. First, “Everything often glorifies people who participate in the colony through statues or even street names without properly explaining them to the public: plaques that are not very visible or downplay the role of individuals in colonial history, or even have no explanation. Some street names.”, Explained the brand in a press release. On the other hand, “It does not represent or at least represent those who were tortured during this period. So their story is rarely highlighted, which diminishes the atrocities they experienced during this period.”

Results: “All of this contributes to distorting the image and interpretation of colonial history as it really was”, Lush in conclusion, which requires a better understanding of issues related to colonial memory and colonial history. “To recognize this historical heritage that continues to characterize the present, and to better understand the connections between the population of the colonized countries and the population from immigration.”

An essential promise for Lush

Because Defending human rights is one of the 3 founding promises of LushSupporting this struggle is essential for the colonization of public spaces, since the colonial histories of the French, Belgians and Luxembourg representing public spaces today are particularly problematic.

Lush wants to be a partner of the associations working in the field to develop things. To do this, activate several levers, including the brand Fundraising. As part of this campaign, Lush is offering a charity bath bomb titled “Knowledge” (“Knowledge”, in French) in all stores and on its websites in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Sold for € 9, all sales (excluding VAT) will be donated to Mémoires et Partages, Change ASBL and Lëtz Rise Up to help them continue their work.

To commemorate and share, the fundraiser will fund the “House Against Slavery”, a place where exchanges, debates, artistic expressions revolve around the historical question of colonialism and slavery, but will also highlight contemporary, racist successors. To change the ASBL, the fundraising will allow the association to continue its activities in terms of teaching and educating the public. For Lëtz Rise Up, the funds raised will make it possible to continue the “Decolonize Luxembourg” campaign, which includes organizing “non-global” guided tours of the city of Luxembourg and supporting other activities of the association (conference, drama …).

Raise awareness … and get to work

In addition to raising funds, Lush uses its various platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube, and its official site We Are Lush) to highlight the association’s struggle and to make people aware of the importance of colonizing public space. Lush is thus hosting an unprecedented meeting on June 8, in the form of a talk, an “ethical break” to review the brand’s YouTube channel in France.

Finally, at each Lush store, a letter of commitment to the elected officials and what customers can sign (a letter written by Memoirs et Partez for France, ASBL change for Belgium and Letz Rise up for Luxembourg) is provided. It also takes place online via the hashtag # Decolonisons2022, which invites Lush to relay extensively to create controversy and challenge elected officials. Three petitions, one in each country, have also been launched to ask municipalities to start renovating public spaces.

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