“My letter to French parents”

Figarovox / Tribune – In an open letter to the parents of the students, the candidates for the assembly elections and the reconstituted leader! Concerned about the appointment of a new Minister of National Education and, more broadly, the imposition of “destructive education” on children.

Reckoning party leader Eric Jemur is a candidate in the 4th District Legislative Assembly elections.

At the end of the afternoon, your child comes home from school. You ask him what he learned during the day. And here’s what he said …

“I have learned that France is a racist, colonial and Islamophobic country. It is a country that was once ruled by Catholic kings who were dictators. Fortunately, the revolution cut off their heads. But since then, reactionaries and extremists have tried to block progress. I have learned that hunting, eating meat and replacing all farming traditions with wind turbines should be prohibited. I learned that prosperity is a bad thing, and you have to cancel trade to save the planet. I have learned that the rich are to blame for everything. France is a country where bosses reduce their employees to slavery. I learned that Islam is a French religion just like Christianity, and that it is the parents of immigrants who fought for France in 1914 and rebuilt it after 1945. I have learned that women are victims of men, all of whom are rapists. I also learned that I can change my gender if I want to, because you were not born a girl or a boy.

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You know I rarely exaggerate, alas! The child I am describing to you is sometimes your child. He has believed in all this madness since leftist ideologues took power in national education thirty years ago. He will make it even more credible by appointing Pap Ndiaye as the new Minister of Education.

The left wants your children to be left-wing militants, even extreme left-wing militants, anti-racist militants, immigrants, extremist ecologists, “gender fluid” and fiercely anti-French.

Eric Jemur

Let’s face it – baby, the real thing is apolitical. Thank God he works on childish issues and he leaves big debates for adults. But this child, yours, the left does not want. He wants to do politics, robots, fanatical children, petty revolutionaries like all were under tyrannical rule, brainwashed by ideals, pessimistic, vindictive children, ready to condemn their parents if they do not accept. Obligatory thinking. The left wants your children to be leftist activists, even extreme leftist activists, anti-apartheid activists, immigrants, extremist ecologists, “gender fluid” and fiercely anti-French. If your children are all gone, they will no longer be your children and they will no longer be children.

Countless parents of students have told me of their concerns about the destructive education that is being imposed on their children. This destructive upbringing doesn’t just happen to you unknowingly: it also manifests itself in opposition to your whole family, because leftists hate traditional bonds and, above all, it is the deepest, most beautiful, most necessary for all: parental and filial bonds. So it leads to a ruthless fight against your child, against you and against the relationship that unites you. The political class lets it go. Worse: In the vast majority of it, it is your favorite, the apple of your eye, the flesh of your flesh, the reason for your survival, work and hope: your children appreciate and encourage this idea. When their soul attacks, it attacks you.

The two architects of today’s mass destruction are Jean-Luc Melenchon and Emanuel Macron. The first one is in a hurry, he wants to destroy everything. The second is a little more patient, he deconstructs. But both use the same strategy: to lobotomize the French childhood. The appointment of Paap Ndia as the Minister of National Education is a terrible proof of this. This ideology will not compromise your ideas, your personal and national history. He’s going to inject your kids with a huge dose of leftist confusion. And don’t think that you can easily block this scandal: when they are in school, children spend a lot more time with their teachers than with their parents. Psychological, cultural and ethnographic damage can be irreparable. You can’t let that happen. You shouldn’t let that happen. Reject the N block, without the slightest discussion, never back down, your descendants will come down to this hell.

How to do? How to prevent? How will you stand and stand firm in the face of this tsunami of lies in the guise of knowledge? If elected, my first bill would aim to ban these ideologues from entering our schools. So vote for the truth. Vote for yourself and your children. In this election campaign and soon in the Assembly, 550 recovery candidates are the only ones fighting for you in this war. You can rely on our freedom of mind, our arrogance, our anger and our hopes, to carry your demands of honor loud and clear. We will embody your fighting spirit. We will advocate for your children. We will be at the forefront of our mandate for five years to free your children from the clutches of the Left.

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