Neuilly-sur-Seine – A new cultural site at the Arturo Lopez Hotel

“The goal of the rehabilitation project of Hotel Arturo Lopez is to transform this site to be registered as a complement to the city’s network of current or future cultural institutions,” explains the City of Newly-sur-Sein in its regulatory advice. Candidates are invited for the “Project Management Mission for Reconstruction” of the hotel.

The operation will complement the city’s cultural offer, which already includes a multimedia library attached to the marketplace “which welcomes new products” and “allows reservations to be withdrawn and quick consultation”, a digital platform and the Maison de la Musique located at the Sablons Theater which “completely Dedicated to music practice and learning “.

An offer that will be expanded by Jean d’Ormesson Media Library “whose opening is scheduled for 2024” and which is designed as “a place for the creation and presentation of the Media Library collection”.

Regarding the history of the Arturo Lopez Hotel, the consultation regulations indicate that it was built in 1899 by an heir, Paul Rodokanachi. “A fan of architecture and decor, he built a Louis XVI-style dwelling where he met many intellectuals and artists, such as Rodin, Matisse and Jadkin,” said Newley-sur-Sein. During World War I, the palace became a resting place for soldiers before it was sold to “Arturo Lopez-Wilsch, a wealthy Chilean.”

It would then “deeply rearrange the architecture so that it would create a setting for the collection of his furniture and silverware and a social celebration presided over by his wife Patricia. Salvador Dali lived there during his stay in Paris. He also patronized the renovation of several castles in the French region, including the Rambouillet.

After his death, the hotel was sold near the town of Newley, “which housed a museum and a library there.” Town Hall explains the current situation: “The Arturo Lopez Hotel is closed to the public for most of the year. However, inspections are regularly opened in September on the occasion of Heritage Day. The old automated museum is now closed and the collection is no longer accessible. “

Regarding the layout of the hotel, the consultation regulations summarize that “wants to create a city – downstairs […] – A big agora […] Which serves as a reception, suffix and exhibition space. ” On the ground floor, a 50 m² kitchen can be installed to organize events, the city specifies “the budget and fine definition of this area is being managed by our programmer, company Egis Conseil”.

Also, the town hall “wants to create an area of ​​the media library, where documents related to these collections will be offered over ৷ 300 m², several functions will be combined, a space for archiving collection, a reading and press space, a youth space, A place for discovering and listening to printed collections as well as music and a place for municipal news information.

Citi specifies: “The media library must be equipped with a bank to reserve, retrieve furniture and reading equipment, press, youth, printed collections, inventions and musical listening areas. There are plans to install 4 sonic chairs (2 adults and 2 children) for discovery and listening to music. A

Regarding the Salle des Coquillages, it is planned to extend the “host show, concert and it is for 80 people”. And the consultation regulation adds: “A natural look is also desired for the renovation of the lounge on the 1st floor, which will be done for the purpose of event activities. For this renovation and fitting of the Arturo Lopez Hotel, the client is planning an envelope.
,000 9,000,000 excluding tax.

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