Of Sanofi Paris launches its first digital accelerator in MyPharma version.

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

Sanofi has announced the launch of its first digital accelerator, aimed at helping the company realize its ambition to be among the leaders in digital health. The goal of this accelerator is to develop products and solutions in support of Sanofi’s mission to transform drug practice through digital, data and artificial intelligence (AI). Located in Paris, it already relies on a team of more than 75 experts from around the world and will continue to recruit top talent specialized in product management, full stack development and data science.

A place of diversity, Digital Accelerator includes both internal mobility and external recruitment teams and is supported by the launch of an Accelerator Academy dedicated to improving staff skills. A partnership has also been established with the international non-profit organization Women in Tech to fill the gap left by women in the digital sector. Digital Accelerator will have 300 employees in the most relevant geographic areas to support Sanofi’s global digital strategy, attract new talent, and embed more agile work practices in the corporate culture.

This accelerator is primarily aimed at meeting the unmet needs of patients with atopic dermatitis in France, Italy and Spain. His team is already working to develop an integrated platform and data tools to better engage healthcare professionals and educate them and their patients about the disease and available treatment options.

Arnood Robert, Executive Vice-President and Chief Digital Officer, Sanofi: “Sanofi is about cultural and business transformation, like digital transformation technology. Digital Accelerators will help us democratize our data usage, develop agility at all levels of the organization, and accelerate innovation for patients and healthcare professionals – quickly and efficiently. This investment in digital accelerators once again illustrates our desire to transform our drug practice and provide better solutions to patients. A

Since launching its new global digital strategy in 2021, Sanofi has simultaneously sought to establish a strong foundation in digital tools and data, create commercial value, develop new skills and promote a digital and data culture. Through the training of more than 16,000 employees. More than 300 new talents from France, Spain, the United States and Canada have joined Sanofi in the last 18 months to strengthen their expertise in digital, data and cyber security.

Ongoing digital transformation has already yielded significant results, in particular:

. Accelerate the discovery of new targets through artificial intelligence;
. Acceleration of image analysis in R&D for artificial intelligence (which is done within minutes compared to previous weeks);
. Improve the efficiency of clinical trials through the use of real-life data to reduce patient enrollment and allow participants to transmit their data and digital biomarkers remotely;
. Accelerate access to clinical reports for health authorities by providing data on cloud and natural language processing;
. Strengthening exchanges with healthcare professionals Thanks to an integrated CRM and universal solution, already established in 18 countries;
. Optimize advertising and promotion costs across multiple markets and multiple products through data integration and artificial intelligence;
. Digitizing manufacturing processes with modern solutions and improving supply chain performance with predictable AI.

By 2025, Sanofi’s state-of-the-art digital health platform will deliver new digital offers, empower patients and healthcare professionals with new digital experiences, drive innovation and generate revenue. Skills at all levels of the value chain – from research and development to manufacturing, to commercial activities. Deep integration of digital, technology and data solutions is essential to transform drug practice and bring better solutions for patients.

Source and Visual: Sanofi

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