Rent hike: After community organization, shocked CPEs

juin2023″,”text”:”Nous vous confirmons que le Centre de services scolaire de Montréal compte reprendre définitivement les lieux loués au plus tard le 30juin2023″}}”>We confirm that the Center de Services Scolaire de Montreal intends to occupy the permanently rented space after June 30, 2023.May 4 wrote a material resources services analyst CSSDM To Normand Richardson, Director of CPE Idée fixe.

Normand Richardson, director of CPE ID Fix

Photo: Ivanoh Demers

The case has been going on since 2017-2018. About twenty CPEs Tenant In the former school CSSDM In some cases the rent has been increased up to 500%.

The purpose was to impose reflected prices on the market and to raise funds for school financing. The buildings are getting dilapidated, CSSDM It also demanded a change in the lease clause, such as imposing building maintenance responsibilities on the CPE.

Some CPEs have moved, others have been able to absorb hefty bills and accept new terms, but others have refused. This is more than we call in the middle Defendant CPEs.

Toys on the floor.

Nursery of CPE ID Fix

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For the CPE ID fix located in the borough of Villa-Mary, the rent increase was 360%.

I, I can’t sign that, a lease like that. Because it automatically puts me in deficitNormand Richardson argues.

The director assured that he was always ready to absorb part of the cost increase calculated per square foot. Despite changes in governance in recent years, he says, former commissioners CSSDMTo the guardianship of the latter, The discussion continues… until the 4th May eviction notice.

CSSDM pour faire une job de bras, pour mettre les gens à la porte”,”text”:”L’impression que j’ai eue, c’est qu’on engageait carrément des mercenaires au CSSDM pour faire une job de bras, pour mettre les gens à la porte”}}”>The impression I got was that we were hiring outsiders directly CSSDM To do a hand job, to drive people awayThe manager said.

I have a little trouble understanding how an institution dedicated to education excludes another institution in the same education chain.Mr. Richardson added.

They are in the yard of CPE.

Melissa Munier has four children. He holds Leon, the youngest in the family, in his arms.

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A “big stress” for parents

Management and parents, recently informed of the situation, are concerned and confused.

Melissa Munier wants to integrate Leon, the youngest in the family, into CPE in September. Her two children joined Ecole Garneau, located in the building next to the CPE.

This means that my child will not complete his or her entire career at this CPE. It will be somewhere else, but where? How far? Should I go there to drive with my other two? Should I look for another job nearby? It’s a big stress and a stress by expectationThis mother confides.

This is a great frustration and a great misunderstanding. A

A quote from Melissa Munier, mother of four

A logistical challenge and a stress shared by Dillian Menduina Sepero, a single mother of two daughters aged 2 and 7.

Dillian Menduina Sepero, mother of two daughters aged 2 and 7.

Dillian Menduina Sepero, mother of two daughters aged 2 and 7. His youngest CPE participates in ID fix.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

Everything is close. My daughter’s school is opposite the house and day care is a five minute walk away. It’s going to be complicated for meHe argues.

Three different interpretations from summer 2021

Alexis Le Trottour, director of CPE in the Mile-End District, thought he was in the process of negotiating a deal. CSSDMUntil April.

mai2022 […] acquitter le loyer en souffrance qui s’élève à […] un total de 140620,41$. […] À défaut de donner suite à ce qui précède, le CSSDM se réserve le droit d’entreprendre tous les recours lui étant disponibles”,”text”:”Le CPE Locataire doit, au plus tard, le 1ermai2022 […] acquitter le loyer en souffrance qui s’élève à […] un total de 140620,41$. […] À défaut de donner suite à ce qui précède, le CSSDM se réserve le droit d’entreprendre tous les recours lui étant disponibles”}}”>Tenant CPE, of course, not after May 1, 2022 […] Pay the amount due rent […] Total $ 140,620.41 […] Failed to comply with the aforesaid, CSSDM Reserves the right to follow all remedies available for itApril 6 A coordinator wrote in the material resources section CSSDM. The ultimatum will be postponed until June 17.

Parents are worried, staff are worried and I am worried. A

A quote from Guy Arsenalt, director of CPE Alexis Le Trout

Guy Arsenalt says he has received three different explanations CSSDM To justify an eviction in recent months.

For the first time, CSSDM He will be explained that the purpose of occupying the premises was to restore space Administrative purpose (For this office CSSDM) Used to serve the locals for the second time For adult education. Then, for the third time, 2023 à 2025″,”text”:”qu’il y aurait des travaux de2023 à 2025″}}”>That will work from 2023 to 2025 (Necessary, because the building is dilapidated), but that’s it The future occupation of the building was not known.

1985″,”text”:”Donc, nous sommes évincés d’un local financé par des fonds publics et on ne connaît pas la vocation du bâtiment? On est ici depuis1985″}}”>So we have been evicted from a public funded facility and we do not know what the purpose of the building is? We have been here since 1985Mr Arsenalt argued.

$ par jour aux parents pour les frais de garde. Le reste, ça dépend d’un financement public”,”text”:”Nous, on n’a aucune emprise sur nos revenus. Moi, tout ce que je peux faire, c’est charger 8,70$ par jour aux parents pour les frais de garde. Le reste, ça dépend d’un financement public”}}”>We have no control over our income. Me, all I can do is charge parents ডে 8.70 a day for day care. The rest depends on public funding.He is explaining.

It is the education department that finances the school service centers and we are funded by the family department Can the Department of Education and the Department of Family come to an agreement? He asked.

Matthew Lacambe, Minister of the Family

Matthew Lacambe, Minister of the Family

Photo: Radio-Canada / Patrick Louise

Ministry of Family Do not leave a CPE on the road

The Ministry of Education declined our interview request, paying for it CSSDM In this dossier, it repeats that we want Respect their freedom.

The family ministry has denied the rent increase for its part CSSDM At least the CPE puts the financial balance of the tenants at risk In most cases, We write. The office of Minister Matthew Lacombe, however, has assured that no expulsion will take place before the settlement.

The ministry will not leave a CPE on the road. Negotiations will continue until a permanent solution is found for each CPE affected by an eviction notice.Says Roxane Bourque, communications adviser in the family minister’s office.

At the same time, the ministry maintains that it is in the process of revising the subsidy allocated to the CPE for each region to offset the high price rise in the real estate sector.

A child is playing with a toy car on a table.

A child from CPE ID Fix

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

CSSDM: No “unilateral eviction”

The CSSDM Recalls that its primary goal is to meet the needs of Montreal students and to manage surplus buildings for which it does not receive. No funds.

Income from our space rental must match our maintenance and energy costsAlain Perron Zor, head of press relations CSSDM.

There is no question of unilateral eviction or homelessnessHowever, emphasizes CSSDM Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

According to CSSDMMontreal’s 24 CPE will be the majority of tenants Their condition and their arrears are regular Rent

The CPEs have entered into separation agreements because of the dilapidated condition of the buildings or to occupy them for school purposes. It is important to understand that some buildings are in dilapidated condition. For security reasons, we cannot allow them to increase their occupation.Specifies Mr. Peron without specifying a CPE.

Each file is unique […] We will not work with specific files in public squaresHe concludes.

She speaks and sees him.

With Premier Franোয়াois Legalt at a press conference in early May at Montreal Mayor Valerie Plant (Archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

It is unfortunate that Montreal families are being held hostage due to a lack of coordination between families and the Ministry of Education, which depends on the well-being and future of Montreal children and educators.The mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante said in writing to the office.

Our administration is doing everything in its power to ensure the purchasing power of the metropolis and we hope that the Quebec government, for which it is responsible, will find a solution.We add.

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