What candidates say about education and regional languages

Here, according to the constituency, when asked about their absolute priority in education and regional languages, what did the candidates for the June 12 and 19 Assembly elections say?

4th seat

Sylvian Lopez (RN): “Put French, math and history education at the center of the programs. Reduce class size and close school (20 students in primary class and 30 students in secondary). A

Paul Darnett (Animal Party): Only makes recommendations regarding the condition of the animal.

Carlos Ribeiro (LO): “For CAC40, the pink cheeks, education, like all services useful to the population, are deteriorating at a rapid pace. This is not inevitable. The capitalists have money. But those who do everything have a monopoly on their work. Everyone has their own weapons. My priority. Is to help workers – including teachers – to realize that they are a force that can bring society back on its feet.

Egoitz Urrutikoetxea (EH Bai): “We must legitimize submerged education and amend Article 2 of the Constitution to provide local institutions with the necessary means and skills to implement a resilient language policy. Essential terms and AESH (full-time contract, salary) are required to disclose the necessary means for inclusion by creating a status, setting up and increasing a guaranteed minimum income (RMG) of 1,164 euros for anyone over 18 years of age, including students. Salary of all teachers, melting the index point. A

Inaki Echaniz (Nupes): “An investment plan in the public education service is essential to end the accounting argument in the management of our schools: salary increase, recruitment, non-closure or restructuring of school (RPI) (parents, teachers, elected officials), existing assets for 5 years Protect and increase these resources where needed. Patents and graduates in Basque and Occitan need to be allowed to pass exams. A

Julian Lasale (Let’s Resist!): “History, culture, language need to be strengthened. Contact, Manual Environmental Business Training. Arrange for the return of our graduates. A

Margaux Telefer (rewind!) : Didn’t respond to our request.

Valerie Bouchard (Movement for Animals): Only makes recommendations regarding the condition of the animal.

Anik Trande (Rebirth): “Supporting young people so that everyone finds their place in our society: the development of a job and apprenticeship and work-study program, with the implementation of the youth engagement agreement, makes vocational training an area of ​​excellence; Citizen involvement in the development of universal national services and civic services; And support for daily needs in order to improve self-esteem. A

5th constituency

Benjamin Gill (Sovereign Party): “My priority in education is to enable children to learn in the best possible situation. It significantly involves the need to return to the often forgotten basics of writing and arithmetic. Good fundamentals give very good citizens and now these fundamentals have been set aside. Teachers should be given more authority and protection in the face of the challenges that await them, as well as mill pay. A

Sandra Pereira-Ostanel (Nupes) : “Rebuild public schools. The public school we want is secular, free and open to all students. Public education has been bloodless since Macron’s five-year term. We need to free ourselves from Medef’s orders regarding the employment of our children by diversifying the offer of training and study in our regions. We carry a common future in the program, among other things: free university, income for students, access to knowledge for all. A

Philip Burdanov (LO): LO candidates all give strictly identical answers. See Carlos Ribeiro (4)e)

Anik Pilot (re-conquest): “My priority will be to support a law that will enable the restoration of basic education in primary schools, the abolition of single colleges, the restoration of standard classes, the improvement of examinations, the increase in teachers’ salaries. And raise the level of their selection. A

Thibault Pathias (Volt): “Provide public financial support to schools immersed in regional languages. Blam the regions for the education staff. Promote excellence and solidarity in public schools. Our children are growing up in a welcoming school. Open schools and build bridges with society. Giving education actors a way to act. Progress towards education without borders. Helping children get on the right track. Introduce lifelong learning. A

Pascal Lacelia (RN): “Our students are lagging behind in the international rankings and almost 10% are illiterate. I am proposing to return French, mathematics and history to the center of education. Education goes with authority. I am in favor of approving rudeness if recurrence occurs by suspending family allowances and school grants. The patent will be replaced by a post 3rd adaptation test and the undergraduate blanker reform will be revoked: selection and adaptation must work together. A

Mathilde Harry (EHB): “To pass a law protecting immersed education and to allow students to take exams in the language they are studying. Create essential positions and an AESH status (considering salary, full-time job, seniority, and position stability) and express the necessary means for inclusion. It is imperative to remove parcoursup and return to a system that respects the preferences of high school students. Fight student uncertainty: Set a guaranteed minimum income from the age of 18. A

Thomas Rich (Hope RIC): “Downgrading standards, overcrowded classes, tired low-paid teachers, curriculum changes every year, teachers are not replaced, etc .. Our education system is dying and no savings should be made in a way that gives our children the best opportunities. Our society depends on it. Future. About submerged education and the use of constitutional amendments: Of the 22 constitutional amendments since 1958, only one has been submitted by referendum. However, Article 89 of the Constitution states: “Amendments are final after approval by referendum.” I would like to submit that the initiative of the citizens for constitutional amendment should be added to this Article 89. “

Florence Lacere (Ensemble): “From 1Of In March 2022, the Youth Agreement provided 500 500 monthly support and personalized assistance to create their professional projects. I want to help our young people find internships, work-study programs and apprenticeships, I will give them time to exchange with companies in my office. I will start a campaign to promote a universal national service, a device that allows them to finance their driving licenses. A

Helen Susbiel (Let’s Resist!) And Sylvie Robin (Movement for Animals) : Didn’t respond to our request.

6th constituency

Bertrand Sublet (unlabelled): “The Basque Country is not necessarily concerned, but it is important to keep all teachers in a position to carry out their mission of imparting knowledge in an environment of optimal peace and security. Many teachers are abandoned in the education system in the face of physical and verbal violence. A

Monique Baker (RN) “It’s not the teachers’ pay issue, it’s the growing difficulty in their teaching, the lack of respect, the lack of work. The condition of teachers (I am a teacher myself) is becoming worrisome and does not awaken any other profession. A

Peiyo Dufau (EHB): In this regard 6 candidates are EH byee His party’s candidate in the constituency gave the same answer as 5e. See Mathilde Harry (5)e)

Vincent Brew (Renaissance): “Resolve the question of the ratification of the European Charter for Regional Languages, the guarantee of regional language education in the constitution, the approval of the Basque for Bravet and Baccalaureate with the Ministry of National Education.”

Jacqueline Uhrt (LO): See Carlos Ribeiro (4)e)

Fabrice-Sebastian Bach (LR): “I will work to create a public bank for the purpose of financing the study, including the late payment after entering the career. I will provide self-financed student housing facilities run by higher education institutions. I will have recognized diplomas at every end of our border to facilitate study and entry into cross-border employment, and I will offer Basque education in all colleges and high schools in our region. A

Tom Dubois-Robin (Nupes): “Our priorities are teacher recruitment, training and good remuneration. Increase salary by 15%. Lighten the workload and reduce the head count in each class. Development of vocational and technical education for the masses. Offer an autonomy allowance of 1,063 euros from the age of 16 for a person separated from the tax family. Education for citizenship. Make the canteen an important place for learning, with organic and local menus. Free canteen and school transport. A

Philip Juvet (unlabelled): “Knowledge, innovation and the ability to open up is the 21st strategic assete Mathematics has played a role in this for centuries, as has the cultural richness represented by the learning of regional languages. Providing high quality education for all, providing genuine support to those in need and improving the teaching profession is an important issue for the next term in office. A

Mathis Tennyson (lives here): “The priority of our program is to succeed in building an organization to preserve the local culture. Protect and educate without imposing. It is obviously concerned with regional languages ​​but allows us to integrate all the customs and cultures that make the regions of our country prosperous. A

Christine Neal (recovery!) : “Raise the standard of low wages and average wages. A

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