When it comes to these unique sports in France, children with disabilities push their limits

David Guidin has been a physiotherapist for 24 years. In 2018, she created a research paper aimed at showing the benefits of high-intensity bodybuilding among young people with motor disabilities. “My work won first prize from the Order of Physiotherapist in the senior category.”Proudly tells us 47 year old man.

The professional then completed several training courses to become a crossfit coach, a discipline that primarily combines gymnastics, endurance and cardio. In September 2021, he opened the first French Crossfit Room to welcome children with motor disabilities. Called “Crossfit Metamorphosis”, it is located within the PEP CBFC Association of Sensory and Motor Devices (DSM) in Dejan (C -te-d’Or) (People d’Ensignment Public Center Borgogne-Fran -ois-Comte).

Different and adaptive exercises

Every Monday, David Guidin goes with about 15 young men between the ages of 7 and 20. “They are usually divided into groups of five depending on their age.”, He explains. Supported by two students, the coach first introduces the day’s session then introduces a fun warm-up of five to ten minutes. “Then we practice, the intensity increases and the kids start sweating a lot. A A crossfit session lasts one hour.

Roar, Rope Climb, Burps, Obstacles, Push-ups … The exercises offered are varied and, above all, adapt to different types of motor disabilities: amputation, hemiplegia, diplegia, quadriplegia or even neurological disorders. “I am very careful to change the program often so that the youth do not get tired. This allows them to stimulate their muscles while avoiding a routine. “Physiotherapist reassured.

They improve their cardio and mobility

According to David Guidin, crossfit practice is an effective solution for improving the quality of life of children with disabilities. “In December 2021, the Haute Authority de Sante acknowledged that building muscle should be a priority for these young people. Thanks to the adaptive session, they work on their mobility and improve their cardio, their flexibility. “

Children also gain effective freedom. “Sports activities improve their walking distanceProfessional explanation. Improving their physical ability makes it possible to move certain tasks of daily life such as going to the toilet. A David Guidin wants to push children out of their comfort zone. “It’s very important because they gain self-esteem and are proud of themselves after the practice. A

“Young people are always down”

About a year after the opening of “CrossFit Metamorphosis”, the results are positive. “Young people are always full, always inspired. One mother told me that every Monday, her son was happy to go to school because he knew he was going to the next sport., Coach delighted. Young people realize the importance of staying in a group and not rehabilitating them alone. Parents have also noticed an evolution in their children. “They are more independent and their school results are better. Sport makes life easier for families and caregivers. A

Finally, David Guidin wants these kids to push the door of a classic crossfit room, hints France 3 Burgundy-French-Comte Who participated in one of its sessions. He also wants all French rehabilitation centers to offer adaptive sessions for young people with disabilities. “It will be less annoying for both the professional and the child.”, He told us. From September 2022, the physio will offer adaptive sessions on Mondays as well as Wednesdays.

When it comes to these unique sports in France, children with disabilities push their limits

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