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Body – I don’t really know how to say it, but when I was younger, I was “fat”. This is more of an untouchable word used in the early 1990’s. My growth means that I have refined myself over time. However, since my adolescence I have been accustomed to weighing yo-yos and I must say that for some time I was back in childhood …

Today, it seems I have a turn, or I’m busy. I must admit that the difference in semantics, which translates into differences in social attitudes, calms me down, because I am not in a hurry to lose weight. I wouldn’t say I’ve caught up with my new silhouette, but rather I’m suffering less at it. However, by turning on my screens, I can see new standards of beauty, and without necessarily responding to them, are they not welcoming me better?

Childhood trauma

Like all families, I had problems, too, and, I don’t think I had a dull childhood, but rather suspended moments with my cousins, my sidekick in games, or his mother introduced me to cross-stitch. Release or concentration, my mind may run away for a few hours. These moments are so dear to me that I still hate the memory of my regular appointment with the pediatrician. Still with my child’s eyes, I think that for him, I was an inconsistency, in fact, I realized that I was too big for my age, but especially that I was too big. Very. In short, I’ve crossed the health book curve like food rations.

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I ate as much food as I could from my stress and my environment. However, I was not aware of all this. I just realized that I had to “eat less” so I had to manage myself. Self-management has been a priority since childhood. Fridge and closed cupboard door, I remember this insoluble evil and my loneliness that found an echo in the pediatrician’s mouth “Your daughter Bulimik” where today we will talk about hyperphasia. I also remember the solution found for a baby, “a food”. The object was not to make people cry in the cottages, no, it was to testify to the treatment at that time “out of the norm” or “out of statistics”, that is, to return. On the curve I don’t even blame my pediatrician, he was doing his job, and that was another time.

“The door to the fridge and the cursed cupboard, I remember this insatiable evil and my loneliness that found an echo in the pediatrician’s mouth ‘Your daughter Bulimik’ where today we’ll talk about hyperphasia.”

Today, I happen to see babies with beautiful cheeks and a small belly, and no one is surprised. Still, I can see curvy young women coming to terms with an ensemble Ma-jeans, Cropped Top, overshirt. In the latter case, I appreciate the courage of their demands, which is what I will not do. In fact, the rear curves are round, the shape improved. In my heart of hearts I tell myself it’s arrogant and it’s not for me. It is true that I have come from another age, or am not very young now, but above all it brings back my bad memories, the memories of prohibition. In fact, during my adolescence, in the early 2000’s, the fashion was for short tops, but especially for low-waisted jeans, and with the combo of this type of clothing, we – almost never – were thin enough. “Curve-fitting”, ideally, is the obsession of a thirty-year-old man here who has become a little reactive!

Get rid of the “ideal” idea

So, if I could properly understand my childhood lessons, I would think today what the norm is. On the one hand I see a busy, determined young woman, but on the other hand I… I? I have done more than two dress sizes in one year. Like many women of my generation, I will not specify my size, but I must admit that I can no longer find my favorite small brand of clothing. This last stop is size 3, but I have a personal idea that the population has increased in two decades, so I don’t really think it’s normal. So when I see that I can’t fit my favorite short dress, I don’t think it’s normal.

Moreover, I don’t know why I’m talking about normalcy, because I don’t really know where it is, and whether it’s right to quote. However, when on the one hand, the food is more fatty and sweet and on the other hand, what do we understand when we do not find what we want to decorate ourselves? What should we understand when psychosocial disorders increase (which have identified me, especially when I was younger) and on the other hand when we are given positive self-confidence? Here, I realize that I am amazed at what sets me apart from these young women whom I do not understand, but whom I admire for their artificial courage.

I got my answer by watching a reality TV clip. I realized then that in my youth, where we used to admire the beauty of young women and elevate themselves to social heights for their beauty and their discipline, today the internet has disrupted everything and highlighted the forms of ordinary women. I’m rather fascinated by how ordinary physics imposes itself and decorates itself with aesthetic ornaments. Ass and chest yes, but thin waist and legs. The “fashion cycle” and the briskard of their return, I don’t want to look like these beautiful women, but I understand that it is sold under the supervision of a doctor. Where yesterday we appeared plastic surgery in compliance with an incompetent discipline.

I realize that the young woman I see on the street is probably no less stressed. The image remains an immeasurable social vector, and I feel it now Positive body As a form of challenging the old order of glittering beauty. Today, as bodies are uncovered on the Internet, this is the third place of encounter and discovery. Also, women’s silhouettes will have many suits of lively, talkative and sexually attractive bodies. I have to mention it, but I won’t talk to men about disagreeing on demand. The need for women with different bodies (I’m not talking about the face) – in my opinion – above all to please themselves.

“Where yesterday we had to adhere to an incompetent discipline cosmetic surgery.”

Thanks to the positive body waves

In short, being thin is a sign of well-being, growing up with this idea, his research from childhood has led me to eating problems that may or may not recur. I believe thinness has always resonated with me as a stable life or the comfort of home, where you don’t have to eat your passions. That Positive body What has come to me today is that this naturalness and this self-control, once praised, is not or is no longer there, and that I do not need to overcome incapable physical standards, or even surpass myself. Despite the fact that this reality TV has some facial features, we can go well.

However, even though the pressure is less than a decade ago, I am afraid that I am expressing my emotions with my boxing body. I admit it’s good to know that I’m not the only Curvy woman, and to see it Positive body Women’s past physical stress is a great rebellion. Body damaged by food, and inanimate objects no longer have the right to quote, but I hope it is not at the expense of the bulimia of cosmetic surgery, and indeed it will not be a new mandatory risk? I don’t know, but I can see that the idea of ​​normalcy is gone and I don’t have to worry about my appearance in a hurry.

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