With Zyro, build your website in about three clicks

It’s not just WordPress or Prestashop to show a website or online store in life. Jairo claims to be a great challenger against these two CMSs. Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), this site builder is easy to learn and displays more than a reasonable price.

Born in Lithuania in 2019, Gyro appeals to many talents present in almost all countries of the European Union. Available in French, this website developer wants to establish itself in France And, we can at least say that he has all the logic to succeed in his bet.
Rates are particularly reasonable: the 4. 4.90 per month formula is suitable for a blog, a personal site or a portfolio. 5.90 Euros would be suitable for a small online store. Finally, the 15.90 euro offer targets the creator of a large shopping site. It integrates functions like discarded cart recovery, translation into different languages, currency conversion, etc.

You have the possibility to use the free product until your website is published! A subscription will then continue.
The good news: Get 3 months free with LESNUMERIQUES code, plus 10% discount and one free domain for one year!

An all-inclusive offer

In addition to this completely free trial, Zyro’s great power lies in its all-inclusive offer. Whichever formula is chosen, the price includes a domain name and hosting space for one year. This saves you the hassle of registering a domain name and comparing it to the many hosts available in the market. Gyro takes care of everything. So it can make itself proud to make your site available flat in 60 minutes.

Note that a specific email address is offered for the first three months, then it costs 7 2.79 per month (the price for additional addresses remains the same). Each box offers 10 GB of storage and a shared calendar Zyro’s generosity is also measured by the size of all pre-installed plug-ins. It offers an SEO tool (so that search engines put you in a better position), live chat via Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and Messenger and WhatsApp. Other functionalities associated with the online store (baskets, coins, etc.) are added to specific e-commerce sources.

Drag and drop and it’s done!

Like many of its competitors, Zyro uses drag-and-drop techniques to create a website. The difference is in the proposals for fluid and intuitive management of blocks (images, videos, text, etc.). A grid lets you easily lock and align your text and images. It is useless to spend hours on a page “setting”. Just as generous, Zyro opens the door to its photo library, which contains over a million images in HD, PNG format for use in your creations.

Are you obsessed with blank leaves? Don’t panic, it gives you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of ready-to-use templates designed by the best international web designers. Afraid that your site will get distorted when going to tablet or mobile (60% of web suggestions are done via smartphone)? Here again, Zyro has installed its responsive design module that ensures that your creations will always be displayed for its convenience, regardless of the screen used. Simply put, you design your site to your liking and take care to make it happen without having to worry about the gyro technical situation.

Artificial intelligence, a real added value

Although Xero’s description is very interesting, he has an array of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that make him truly unique. Although the term AI is sometimes seen to be misused everywhere, the creators of this website do not use it lightly. To ensure a good referencing of your site, you can rely on its various modules with clear titles. Its blog name and business name generator will give you ideas (unless you accept the advice) to be different from your competitors. Once this title is chosen, its logo and slogan maker will help you develop your “brand”.

Computers with gyro website builder

If you need an article or blog post, its text generator categorized by theme (sports, restaurants, travel, etc.) is simply impressive! You can even submit to the AI ​​editor, a title or a few sentences or expressions that he will use in his production.
Other available AI tools improve your SEO, automatically re-touch your photos, and create refunds and policy pages for merchants with your privacy policy, terms or one click. You can test Zyro now!

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