A 40-story tower in Guy Lalibert has been projected in the middle of a traditional site

The company plans to demolish a building adjacent to the Mason-Alkan Complex, a collection of historic and traditional buildings in downtown Montreal, to place a 40-story residential tower there as part of a new project in Guy Lalibarte.

Prevel, a major real estate developer in Quebec, has in recent weeks taken steps with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to get the necessary approvals for the demolition of a building in downtown Montreal, famous for 40 years of successful integration of architectural heritage into public and private urban development.

The project is being presented by Neonacla, the real estate arm of Lun Rouge, who is leading the activities of Guy Lalibert, a former boss of the Cirque du Soleil. The building is part of a quadrangle consisting of several buildings belonging to Mr. Lalibarte, which houses the offices of various companies, including Sagard Holding, Telus, Electronic Arts and Zù.

The construction project provides for the construction of a 40-storey residential tower, specified in the company registry.

A contact with Duty, The company confirms the existence of the Lune Rouge project, while not wanting to inform its partners: “The same goes for Pravel, stingy with the comment:” But we make sure we’re actually analyzing a project on the Mason-Alcan site. A

This is not the first time that real estate projects have been offered on this site

The building in question is located at 2050 Stanley Street in downtown Montreal. Exactly where there is a quadrangle classified as a tradition since 2017. This important heritage complex, set up by Alkan Company in collaboration with government authorities in the early 1980’s, was a series of post-demolition series that allowed the sector to lose some of its former glory.

Dinu Bumbaru of Heritage Montreal explains that the “Mason-Alcan” was inaugurated a decade after the demolition of the home of many harmful Van Horn. “Ultimately, there was a global perspective that integrated heritage and urban development,” he summed up. “Alkan’s big boss could have decided to go somewhere else. His gestures of settling there were strong. It marks the city’s confidence in integrating historical sites and collective sites, ”a collaboration not seen in Montreal.

“Evaluate future work”

The location where developers want to build a new tower, sell or rent about 250 homes, as indicated by various previous projects, is known as the “Golden Square Mile”. It is more accurate in the context of this classified heritage of the Complex-de-la-Maison-Alcan. While protected by Heritage Space, 2050 Stanley Street is protected from state protection.

The organization first sought to discuss with representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, “to evaluate the work that has come to transform the complex. […] It wants to ensure its sustainability but its successful restoration to the Montreal commercial real estate market ”, according to a register of lobbyists.

We find this set in an XIX buildinge Very Victorian and imperial Montreal century, such as the Donacona building, which housed the Winter Club and a church whose entrances overlook Drummond Street. Among them, the former Salvation Army Tower, accessible from Stanley Street, is not as secure as the others.

Refer to the state

Still, according to the Business Register, the project “convinces the Ministry of Culture and Communications not to exercise its pre-vacancy rights regarding listed buildings” and assures “decision makers” that the planned interventions are “minimum standards”. And respect the heritage character of the site. “

Since 2019, Lune Rouge, Guy Laliberté’s flagship, and its partner Canderel have already presented several high-rise construction projects near the city of Montreal on the same site.

There were even plans to set up two towers connected by a footbridge. Following the recall of the cantilever, it is now the scene of a single tower protected by Mr. Lalibert’s company.

The current complex forms an island where a diverse network of green spaces has been integrated, connected to the adjoining buildings by galleries. Nearby are the Mount Stephen Club and the Mount Royal Club, the two main institutions of the Montreal upper class long.

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