“Baby Boomers have a happy time behind their babies.”

Figarovox / Maintenance – For its author Boomer brackets, Policies have been conducted to the detriment of the youth. The individualistic argument of this generation must be replaced by a new social cohesion that will make it possible to respond to the challenge of aging.

François de Closets is a journalist and essayist. He is the author of about twenty books Always more!Ed. Grasset, 1982, To leave France or doubleEd. Fayard, 2015, and Boomer bracketsEd. Fayard, 2022.

FIGAROVOX.- In your book, you criticize the policy adopted by the Baby Boom kids between 1970 and late 2020, which you think led France to collapse. Why would you want to review this?

Franোয়াois de Closots. France has gone through what I call the “boomer bracket” at a time when it has not faced war, famine, epidemics, catastrophes or major economic crises. The period in which the Boomers ruled France is unique in the history of France. History is generally tragic, short from one disaster to another, and peace is never a time of civil war. During the “boomer bracket”, the French believed that they had an acquired right to live in this history that hibernated and was subject to the risk of small fluctuations in this news. They thought they had the right to growth, the right to peace. But what happened in this happy time? France has accumulated about three trillion rupees in debt. These loans on the backs of our children are not consistent with the investment, as France has reduced the rate of government investment due to deficit, but it is only a matter of comfort and enjoyment. I have condemned this scandal in my book for decades, and I say it again today. France has never been more indebted in its history except during the war. It is disgusting that this hatred was created in the absence of any special limitations and silence on this matter is unbearable.

While this was enough to sustain the situation, the Boomers succumbed to the benefits of debt and deficit.

Franোয়াois de Closets

How would you explain this historic change after the post-war years of reconstruction and the Gallist years?

There are reversals caused by disasters. This historic catastrophe was caused by the absence of disaster. The spoiled children of this generation have fallen into the trap of this very favorable time. Everything seems to be achieved, everything seems to be deserved. In 1970, France was the most dynamic and prestigious country in Europe. While this was enough to sustain the situation, the Boomers succumbed to the benefits of debt and deficit. Golist France had the strongest money in the world, which persuaded bankers to offer credit. Under these conditions, the French survived on credit, reluctant to make the slightest effort to perpetuate what was given to them.

You criticize the Boomer ideology based on individualism and selfishness. In order to implement the policy in favor of the country, the concept of public welfare has to be rediscovered?

General de Gaulle imposed civil liberties in the service of the community. He thus employed the French in the service of France. Before the country came the individual and the instant gratification. The French were reluctant but followed the Golist policy. In 1968, young people who had allowed permanent growth revolted and broke the system. The highest purpose of society at that time was to respect individual freedom and to ensure instant gratification, not continuity. We must return to the concept of civil liberties and put an end to this domination of individual liberties. The only absolute must be the general good.

Our society has been turned upside down by a big change that we didn’t want to see, which is aging. Never in history has a society experienced this phenomenon. Previously, existence was spread across three generations: children, adults and the elderly who had just existed. In 1945, the life expectancy of the French was a little over 60 years. Suddenly, we have to infuse another 25 years into our society. Boomers have decided to make these years the best time of their lives where they are lazily maintained by their children. If workers need to retire at the age of 60, then retiring at the age of 60 is a scandal for everyone. At the age of 60, a person has an average of fifteen years of healthy life ahead of them and there is no good reason to spend it entirely for the next generation. It is shocking to see that today, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon are proposing to retire at the age of 60, meaning to increase the burden on active workers, with a two-year pension. This represents billions in their costs, while our country is the only one where retired elderly people live better lives than pensioners. For the first time, taking from those who have the least, giving to those who have the most has been presented as social progress.

The problem that arises is to organize an extra life of twenty years, which will result in an extraordinary increase in people in a dependent state.

Franোয়াois de Closets

You mentioned the question of aging in your book which leads to dependency. In response to this growing current challenge, should we redefine solidarity links?

We must reconsider the balance between generations, thinking that each generation has a responsibility to prepare the next. In the family world, everything is done so that young people can take their place in society. Parents see it as their duty to help their children integrate into society. Similarly, generations have a responsibility to help those who follow them progress and find their place.

The problem that arises is to organize an extra life of twenty years, which will result in a remarkable increase in people over the age of 80 in the coming years and a very significant increase in people in a state of dependence. Boomers have a happy time behind their children, a period of 60 to 75 year olds, but they have no plans for the future and are unable to cope with it. So we have to rethink everything.

Mutual help of solidarity generation, everyone in his role. There are five ages in life today: children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and the elderly. Elderly and elderly people are not in the same category or in the same condition. The former need money to survive, the latter help. This support cannot come from employees alone because there are not enough staff or resources available. It must be seniors who have an obligation to fulfill this social activity in addition to their pension.

Every Frenchman and every French woman from the age of 50 must prepare for old age, just as a child is ready to become an adult.

Franোয়াois de Closets

At the end of your book, you offer a forecasting advice. How will it work?

In this book, I suggest concrete things. Today there is scientific research on aging and we have examples of societies that have faced this problem. From this we know what we have to do. Bracket Boomer It is a book of propositions for reconciliation between generations, and not a book of condemnation to lead generations to war.

I propose a system where every Frenchman and every French woman over the age of 50 should be prepared for old age, just as a child is ready to become an adult. He must be informed, a personal diagnosis must be made according to his lineage and lifestyle. From the age of 60, he must choose between continuing to work or engaging in a social activity in order to receive a full pension. Those who want to stop working in their sixties must have a supervised activity with responsibilities and service delivery. This activity must be more than just volunteering and allow for the care of the aging generation who need assistance. Doing this work outside the family structure does not depend on working people who already pay pensions. People in their 60s and 80s should go to 80-100 year olds so that they are not left alone. Such a system works in Scandinavian countries and in Denmark.

François de Closets, The boomers parenthesis, Ed. Fayard, 05/25/2022, 320p. Fayard

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