Cote d’Azur, Pharma and the new space ecosystem are attracting investors

SpacePharma is one of the possible nuggets that regions are seeing through the eyes of chimpanzees. The Swiss-born start-up wants to contribute to the industrialization of space thanks to its tiny laboratories that, in orbit, allow research and production in the absence of gravity. Extensive sector for life sciences and healthcare. Already present in England, Israel and Florida, the pioneer now seeks to establish himself in Europe, especially in France. “We have selected four European regions, including three in France: the Grand East, the Paris region and the Alps-Maritimes where we are supported by Team Cote d’Azur.“So, what will it be, isn’t it? The decision should be made before the summer, but the manager, Kanye Thales Alenia, before the space, and so familiar with the local ecosystem, acknowledged:”We really want to do something hereWhat remains to be seen.

Health, a heavy weight that must assert itself

What happens in Cote d’Azur? First, according to Paul Camoun, his life sciences ecosystem, the company’s goal. The latter is compiled in 2021, according to the latest survey published by the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur’s Serious Economic Observatory, 432 organizations. It generates a turnover of 2.6 billion euros for a wide range of 9,900 jobs in six fields of activity, including the perfume industry, pharmaceutical industry, basic chemistry, biomedical engineering, cosmetology and world herbs). Of course a heavyweight whose health and pharma ingredients are not recognized, even in his own country, regrets Emily Royer, general manager of the Eurobiomed Competitive Cluster: “When we talk about the big industrial names of the Alps-Maritimes, everyone thinks of Amadeus, Thales Alenia space, but very little in terms of the health of the region.However, there is nothing to be ashamed of after the departure of German Laboratory, Nuvisan and American, Sinios Health to Sophia Antipolis in 2018 after the departure of Galdarma, which was not a catastrophe that some people feared. For organizations, as we have seen, and for embryonic structures, such as Inoscale, specialists in gene therapy for rare skeletal diseases and “Undoubtedly one of the best European biotech

Interdisciplinary, an asset

These companies come to the Alps-Maritimes to explore the potential for development in an environment where there is a real breeding ground for talent, a breeding ground for companies and a well-organized scientific institute in close proximity, a technology polytechnic in the vicinity of Sophia. . We come across engineering science, information technology, the power of digital technology and the living sector.“, Explains Emily Roy. Who will continue:”Cote d’Azur is a healthcare sector that has long been at odds between medicine / medical devices, health / wellness and e-health. However, its resources are due to its wide position which strengthens its ability to work with digital, arrow and space sectors.The latest example of this mix of genres is the Cancer Center in Antoine Lacasagone, Nice, whose cyclotron (or particle accelerator) is in the process of being qualified by the National Center for Space Studies (CNES).

Paradigm shift

Cote d’Azur is the second largest asset in the region for companies like Space Pharma. A historic location, nearly a century old, that led to its new space revolution. “It’s a paradigm shiftLoïc Chanvillard, expert on the “space program” within secure competitive clusters, notes. The new space imposes new rules of the game, with new entrants and more fragmented, less institutionalized markets, interested in the ultimate need like autonomous vehicles.“Since then,”New space agencies are now inventing everywhere in France where there is innovation. Restructuring around a large contractor is no longer needed.“In this context, in the broadest sense, the South, especially the Alps-Maritimes, has a card to play, which benefits both the client (TAS), the innovative ground (Sophia Antipolis) andA highly structured application ecosystem for marine (sea division), water cycle (aqua-valley division), digital (SCS division) and risk management (secure division)

Core technology

According to Loïc Chanvillard, another distinguishing point: the presence of key technologies in the region, listed. Led by the Safe Cluster in the spring, it identifies the foundations of 120 space-related companies, research institutes or infrastructure, of which 80 are working on new space movements, including “A quarantine could play a major role in the years to comeThe sector has historic SMEs that are transforming themselves, such as the Sophia Antipolis company Acri ST and its project to develop a network of small ground stations, new entrants such as Turnoves (KAN) a satellite network connection technology source such as Vocalo and Vacurat connected to technology. Souterrain allows mass deployment of Bas Bruit.

The Cote d’Azur ecosystem is finally benefiting from government support for the sector, which should remember that France is devoting 1.5 billion euros to the space component of its 2030 investment plan to capture key market segments (reusable launchers, constellations) and invest in new uses. The result, according to Luke Chanville, is:Before 2021, we recorded a project to set up a space company every year in the best conditions, now it is a monthly