Eric Assault: The works of art are thanks to AI

Diehard’s art lovers will be amazed at what he discovered about the evolution of a major industry using the nature of AI or artificial intelligence. Others see a new way to create or even reinterpret some ancient works. This has already happened in the case of Mona Lisa among others and the result is quite amazing.

Eric Assault – The question is: genius, opportunism or just innovation in the service of art? History will tell.

Eric Asnault explains to you what is the use of artificial intelligence in the art world?

Everyone has already seen a video that has been hijacked only on social networks, for the sole purpose of entertaining Internet users.

Eric Assault – Artificial Intelligence in the Art World?

While visiting Louvre, every year, millions of visitors stop in front of one of the most mysterious images in history: the Mona Lisa. The most bizarre theories are put forward to explain her half-smile: the fact that the model was pregnant by the painter or that Mona Lisa was actually a man. AI goes much further than modifying a video by analyzing facial features; As was the case with this famous painting. Similar to a real human face, AI algorithms were able to transfer the features of the woman on board who raised an eyebrow; Follow the audience even with their eyes. Of course, if one can cry out for impurity, thus distorting such a symbolic image, the truth remains that AI can be considered as a new way of making. The problem is when it is used to reproduce familiar tables, which multiplies the lies. Fortunately, as seen Eric Assault, Blockchain The solution may be. No, blockchain is not only used in cryptocurrencies, and this industry expert, known as a profound analyst of cultural trends, thinks that blockchain algorithms can be a qualitative support for better traceability of industry work. In fact, when you buy a work of art (it could be a painting, a statue, a vase …), especially when the asking price is too expensive, it is natural to want to know more about the source. An object often goes from hand to hand, randomly from the estate, shopping at galleries and special sites or even at auction. Its past, knowing the names of its various owners and its origin in general, allows the buyer to guarantee that it is not counterfeit or stolen. In this case, no matter how much money is paid, it must be returned to its owner without any other kind of trial, which always refers to lawsuits and disputes. According to Eric Assault the blockchain, with its algorithms and as a machine would certainly be less likely to err on the side of appreciation; Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Eric Assault: What is the place of AI in the industry?

According to Eric Assault, achieving better searchability in the art world would therefore be facilitated by AI, but artificial intelligence, as we have seen, will not be used only for such purposes. Even if it is necessary, legally, to surround the practice, limiting the creation of unauthorized reproduction; And so false; AI is therefore a great opportunity to create works of art, but without an artistic gift such as Vermeer, Dali or even more recently Jean-Michel Basquiat. Style and era are not one, yet no one can deny that it is art. Even if some paintings or sculptures are so realistic that we think they will come alive in our eyes, can’t we blame art for being frozen? Either way, it allows us to make an impression with this stillness, sometimes trying to decipher the secrets hidden behind certain colors or backgrounds. And if it is possible to revive Marilyn Monroe, smile at the colorful pictures of Andy Warhol or look at all the photographs where we can feel her nostalgia and frustration of not being able to love herself? What if Munch’s The Scream suddenly becomes a smiling, swaying man? Yes, the artist’s first idea probably won’t be presented, but this option can only be chosen by those who want it. Others may continue to think about endless tasks without thinking about algorithms and their almost infinite possibilities. Owners of art protection and artistic work, such as Eric Assault, have argued that newsmaking is just one of the potential uses of blockchain. It is already present in manufacturing processes, for the same reason and in the industrial world. New technology will bring security, but also innovation, disabling some things, as if animated by breathing. Enough to let the imagination run wild and remember that, thanks to the blockchain, our favorite late photos will one day be able to smile at us from the frame, when we feel sad. Blockchain that changes the absence of disappearances or that allows new talent to emerge, all this remains to be discovered. In any case, the algorithm; Are operating rules and calculations; The exact opposite of art by a priority: spontaneous, unique, the creator of emotions; Engage yourself in its service and we can only congratulate ourselves for it or at least follow it very closely. Social profile

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