Legislature 2022 in Val-de-Marne # circo9401: Priority of Géraldine Telle (SE)

Questionnaires 94 citizens for the 2022 Assembly elections
128 candidates are vying for 11 seats in Val-de-Marne on June 12 94 Citizen invites everyone to answer a few questions to compare candidates’ preferences. They arise as feedback is posted.
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In a nutshell, what are the 5 things you consider a priority in your riding and what intervention can you promise to protect them in the election?

How does the National Assembly work? Although 577 deputies are elected locally, those who make laws For everyone
In addition to the Senate, the National Assembly is one of the two elected chambers that make up the parliament responsible for passing laws. These laws are proposed by the government before they are debated and voted on in parliament, or are proposed by the members of parliament themselves.
There are 577 deputies elected by direct universal suffrage by the Assembly constituency. Val-de-Marne, for example, has 11 constituencies. Deputies are therefore elected locally although they then work on the expansion of the law from a national perspective.

1 ° Security
If I were elected MP for the 1st seat in Val-de-Marne, I would like to review the security of residential areas that are often robbed. Emphasis on the proposal of a new intelligent device for security inside and outside the home

2 ° Education

Disability is an important file between the National Education and the Rector that does not work within our department. Penalties for any private or government organization that rejects children with autism or other disabilities. Teachers must renew their training to be able to teach all children in the Republic. Review the school program and methodology for schooling that is no longer appropriate.

3 তা Disability and health
4 Secularism and association
5 Technological and nuclear innovation

Who is Geraldine Telle?
Geraldine Telle, an LR worker at the time, was then an alternative to the LREM candidate in St. Martin.
Age : 41 years
Occupation : Project Manager
Electoral office, present or past : No.
Options : Abdo Gadeh

Which of the five propositions of your political movement program do you think is the priority? Do you possibly have a personal subtlety to it, which may be subject to correction?

To be precise, I have established a pure citizen program and not a model program of the presidential majority. The goal is to work in good harmony with the new government, which will be set up in a different way. Five suggestions that seem to me to be a priority:

1 Duplicate class
Along with teacher training, there are also two inclusive classes with children who demand more attention to academic education in private and public private schools. These schools will receive an additional subsidy for the proper care of these children and for the proper management of these new classes. Integration of the nuclear program into school programs from kindergarten to high school. Delete SESSAD organization specifications that block children with disabilities for their good school follow-up.

2 Health
ARS: Training in some medical specialties requires updating with medical specialists, methods and treatment methods have been developed. Fight for a law that allows women to practice Assisted Medical Procurement (PMA) up to the age of 55.

3 Social assistance Still family and especially care mode is not provided. I offer automatic care to direct beneficiaries and single parents. Today, the Family Allowance Fund does not provide fixed allowances. A real curse that must be fought.

4 অধিকার Inheritance rights
20% reduction in taxable amount on estate access. The management of an estate is not covered by banks, life insurance or other credit card insurance, for example. I offer a public service dedicated solely to the management of “inheritance rights for all”. * Many traders in the constituency complain of paying extra taxes or duties. I am proposing to reduce taxes after the company’s profit or trade …

5 ° Environmental change
Accelerate thermal renovation of buildings. Training for green work. * Proposal to create plastic waste management, so that nuclear energy can be used to create a new form of natural diesel petrol or energy. Climate change forecasting to protect the population as much as possible.

Which committee do you want to sit on?
Law Commission or Cultural Affairs and Education

How does the National Assembly work? Commission
To work on all matters, the National Assembly relies on a thematic standing committee where deputies are divided. Thus they meet in committee to work on the texts before defending them on the hemisphere. There are currently 8 standing committees: Cultural Affairs and Education, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, National Defense and Armed Forces, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, Finance and Law. In each committee, the proportional representation of the numerical representation of the political parties is proportional to the number of seats. The remaining seats are allotted to non-registered elected officials. It is not certain that a deputy will sit on the commission of his choice.

What if there was only one thing that you could wear during your order? What will it be and how will you protect it?

Justice and representation of women.
At the level of justice: Social Services Control Unit (EDS).
In recent years, we have seen the inefficiency of social services that break up families and destabilize children, especially children with disabilities, through false reporting or slander. We must fight this curse and abuse of power.

Regulation of translation-interpreter service for court interpreters. Despite the increase in the number of cases requiring translators and interpreters, the Ministry of Justice has been slow to provide services to court interpreters. In fact, every year the Ministry of Expenditure Optimization specifies the expenditure for the office budget … and every year, it misses its target, so the benefits not given to interpreters become a major obstacle to this work. From summer,
Expected money has been spent and legal translators will have to wait for the next budget. We will work to ensure that the keeper of the seals takes the necessary steps to settle the legal costs and ask the Court of Appeal to pay on time and to form a union that brings together professionals in particular.


How would you like to report your parliamentary action to citizens in your constituency and take into account their responses?
The best way to make my parliamentary activities known to the people is to set up a “Citizen Lab”, to hold meetings once a month, as well as a permanent meeting once a week.

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