Legislature 2022 in Val-de-Marne # circo9405: Stephanie Vesier’s Priority (Rankonquest)

Questionnaires 94 citizens for the 2022 Assembly elections
128 candidates are vying for 11 seats in Val-de-Marne on June 12 94 Citizen invites everyone to answer a few questions to compare candidates’ preferences. They arise as feedback is posted.
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In a nutshell, what are the 5 things you consider to be priorities in your riding and what can you promise to do to protect them in the election?

How does the National Assembly work? Although 577 deputies are elected locally, those who make laws For everyone
In addition to the Senate, the National Assembly is one of two elected chambers that make up the parliament responsible for passing laws. These laws are proposed by the government before they are debated and voted on in parliament, or are proposed by the members of parliament themselves.
There are 577 deputies elected by direct universal suffrage by the Assembly constituency. Val-de-Marne, for example, has 11 constituencies. Deputies are therefore elected locally, even if they then work to expand the law from a national perspective.

1 ° School (Recognition of proven deficit in education)
2 Disability (Lack of qualified staff to take care of these disabled children in optimal conditions);
2 Security (According to Villes-data.com, in 2021, a total of 4,555 crimes, including a 24% increase in Nogent sur Marne and a 21.5% increase in Champigny-sur-Marne;
4 Economy (The burden of suffocating taxes for artisans, shopkeepers and liberal occupations – the poorest municipal workers suffer a significant reduction in their purchasing power);
5 ° Health (Medical Desert, Le Parisien Le Perreux and Champigny-sur-Marne classified by ARS as a complementary action zone);

In the case of an election, I will try to persuade other deputies in the National Assembly to make it possible for a major revision in the distribution of tax revenue to make it possible to allocate teachers’ recruitment to government services. Staff to ensure good care for the disabled, to fight against the police structure and the menace of men’s crime, and as a matter of urgency, to provide the municipality with medical practice and caring staff, to be respected and appropriately paid in the hospital. In the direction of business, lightening the tax burden is urgent and for the poorest workers, employers have a priority for their daily commute (the scheme from which you pay to go to work).

Who is Stephanie Veyssiere?
Managing partner of self-storage TPE made with my husband. President of the Val de Beaver Business Club for 5 years with the main goal of establishing connections between all the economic actors of the region and local elected officials, departmental and institutional representatives of the state services. A combination that has significantly contributed to the transfer of regulatory changes (e.g., youth guarantee) to entrepreneurs, easily and very directly, related to all departments of the company. The club has also been a springboard for launching regional projects such as the City of Gastronomy, the Grand Paris Express, etc.
Having been in touch with the political world for several years through the Business Club, I immediately took the opportunity to appoint me to a deputation in Reconquet, making sure I was able to establish my favorite values ​​in my constituency.
Age : 53 years
Occupation : Management Partners
Current or past electoral mandate : None
Options : Xavier Laurent

Which of the five proposals of your political movement program do you think is the most priority? Do you possibly have a personal subtlety to it, which may be subject to correction?

1School: Reassessment of the role and dignity of teachers, especially through greater rigor in selection but in an institution that reduces the number of students per class.

2 Disability: Education facilities for children with disabilities. For those enrolled in general schools, the massive recruitment of 50,000 attendants, this support should be extended to higher education. And when needed, reception, support and schooling in the appropriate environment. Development of specialized installations and services throughout the region.

3 Security: Allow law enforcement and assault victims to defend themselves without the risk of going to jail, thanks to the introduction of a forgivable defense.

4 ° Economy : Taxation reduction that weighs on our company. Increase the most modest salaries in public, private and independent sectors.

5 ° Health: Increase the supply and quality of care for all French people. An immediate 12% increase in the pay of nurses and nurses. Reconstruct government hospitals throughout the region.

Which committee do you want to sit on?
Culture and education.

How does the National Assembly work? Commission
To work on all matters, the National Assembly relies on standing thematic committees where deputies are divided. Thus they meet in committee to work on the texts before defending them on the hemisphere. There are currently 8 standing committees: Cultural Affairs and Education, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs, National Defense and Armed Forces, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, Finance and Law. In each committee, the proportional representation of the numerical representation of the political parties is proportional to the number of seats. The remaining seats are allotted to unregistered elected officials. A deputy is therefore not sure about sitting on the commission of his choice.

What if there was only one thing you could wear during your order? What will it be and how will you protect it?

My important point is undoubtedly school and education in more detail. The daughter of a nurse and a teacher, I knew the specifics, the demands, and the growing difficulties of these professions. Family and school education are complementary to the development of children. It is in a family environment where education of limitations and necessary values ​​will enable the child to integrate the school in the best possible situation. An important public service in the republic, the school offers the development of children’s culture, life skills, intellectual and personal potential, without forgetting the lessons of social life. So in school the children are ready to become adults and citizens. So attaching my priority to this subject at the time of my order.


How would you like to report your parliamentary action to citizens in your constituency and take into account their responses?
As a fundamental aspect of my parliamentary activities, I will create various ways to maintain a close and uninterrupted relationship with our fellow citizens: a weekly office, a paper media and a website. Possibility also, in accordance with the specific requests of the region, to organize, in partnership with local elected officials, public meetings.

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