Wandrille Jumeaux: Very active eco-friendly

“My goal is to go somewhere else in three months,” said Wandrill Jumex, a notebook in the sleeve of his shirt. The comment is a bit surprising at first. If we listen to the rest of the biography, we are less so. The young executive elected from the Europe Ecology Group – Les Worts, as mayor of Montreal, wears a number of hats and does not really think of choosing the one he must keep in mind. During the interview, he was also the project manager for the “working hours” in the Valle-de-Marne Divisional Council … a temporary position, he said, “far from the desire to be more connected to a region. The executive has jumped from opportunity to opportunity.

Good communicator

A graduate of the Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies, with highly developed interpersonal skills, this young man is the founder of the Le Lair Network. (1), A kind of “green freemasonry” that he claims has gathered over 700 executives (including 300 contributors) from public service, cabinet colleagues and subject matter experts over the past two years. Everyone is aware of environmental issues.

“OneDrill invests in general coordination and partnership, he’s a lynchingpin,” assures co-founder Rafael Ewen, seen during Eva Jolie’s 2012 presidential campaign. Lier Wandrille fits perfectly with Jumeaux’s profile. Committed to Les Verts since 2010, the young man comes from a more moderate family that will force him to vote for Fran প্রথমেois Bero first during the 2007 presidential election.

Coming from a family of four, Aceler has an expatriate executive father and a housewife mother, Vandril Jumex has been a good communicator since his studies. He is involved in student life, participating in national debates on climate and energy among young environmentalists, as well as national debates on energy change launched by Franোয়াois Hollande in 2012. Never been in a position, it was in town. The young man in Montreal became more connected. The municipality was then formed under the political banner of EELV, led by Dominic Voynet. It was Claire Germain, a respected figure in the regional community, who took him under her branch as project director of “inter-communalism”. “Despite his young age, he had a strategic vision and realism on the ground,” recalls the former director general of services, who, of course, helped him stay within the framework and take stock of the process. “I spent my time telling him to stay in an administrative position rather than a political position,” he laughs.

The siren of politics

In 2014, during the transformation of the municipality, the connection with politics and ecology was removed. Wandrille Jumeaux hit the head of the “mail” service on a somewhat dull job. He found the light by engaging in the work of the Altertiba Paris ile-de-France group, a civic movement of the same name, for which he was responsible for communicating for three years. To promote and fundraise the Village of Alternatives project, he ran campaigns with all the institutional partners, further expanding his network.

Between politics and regional, he has not yet decided but prepares everything in the same way, in 2017, the administrator explains the competition “which allows you to get an estimate of this skill when you leave the Internet”. – He. For oral preparation, he did not hesitate to ask Nicholas Proust, then the new CEO of Montreal Town Hall, and his internship choice for the advice of Claire Germain. He spent a year in the HR department of the Val-de-Marne department before returning to the political siren for a diploma in hand, the solidarity of the Senate, and the position of Secretary-General of the Environmental Group of the Territories.

Activity savings

Another experience but one that leaves mixed memories for some parliamentary associates who see him as “slightly present and responsible for the actions of others.” A horrific allegation to which Wandrill Jumex responded politely. “I lacked parliamentary and legislative technology, which I guess. And then, with the birth of my son, the workload became very heavy. After a year, he left on his own or was forced to leave? Whatever. The structure does not remain at this stage of its journey. It is true that there is very little unity in politics.

The truth remains that even within his ideological family, the nature of his environmental beliefs is fascinating. There, too, he replied: “I do not have and I do not have any fad that compels me to look at ecology through the prism of biodiversity, animals or energy. I demand a transversal approach to the environmental question. A

More of a generalist and communicator than an expert, it is true, “he aims for a civic, professional and personal hyperactivity specific to his generation,” observes Francois Langlois. The former DGS of Grenoble, a member of Lear’s Orientation Committee, is reserved for the status of elected officials and civil servants: “I have little faith in it. Combining these two poses seems difficult to me and seems like an excuse for a potential conflict of interest. Wandrille Jumeaux could finally choose his path!

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