What’s in Apple’s new update

Apple introduced iOS 16 during the keynote address WWDC 2022With a new lock screen, message changes, wallet additions, map updates and more.

Time as usual Apple’s Global Developers ConferenceThe iPhone maker has revealed updates for its upcoming OS release, including iOS 16. The iPhone 14 has arrived in the autumn to join the lineup and iPhone 14 ProiOS 16 brings with it the usual array of performance improvements, big changes and new features.

Instead of giving a new direction to iOS design, its interfaceiOS 16 That’s pretty similar From iOS 15. Although the overall look is similar, the features included in the mobile operating system have certainly changed.

Close screen

The lock screen has been given a makeover, making it a more useful part of iOS. It includes Widget launchWhich brings more data to the lock screen than existing notifications, time, and torch and camera buttons.

The goal is to allow the user to view more data, Without the need to unlock IPhone fully view them. The lock screen is customizable, with the ability to add photo and portrait mode filters. The clock can have different fonts and colors, while the new wallpaper gallery can suggest photos for your use.

Multiple lock screens can be created, with a lock screen editor capable of creating screens as you configure the faces of the Apple Watch. Other components include a lock screen Weather report Including animation, emoji wallpapers and astronomy collection.

Notifications have been updated to show new items at the bottom of the screen The New live activities and APIs They can show notifications at a glance, and for live music activity, they can also show album art.

The Focus mode Also extended to the lock screen, so you can Display a specific lock screen depending on the active focus mode. When it comes to focus, focus filters now make it possible to integrate focus into applications, for example showing only certain tabs in Safari, certain mail accounts, or other specific types of information in other third-party applications.

Messages and Mail

Take advantage of the ability to edit messages after sending them You can also permanently delete a message from a conversation and mark a thread as unread.

The one shared with you has been updated New API, Which will allow developers to access the system in their applications Function Shareplay Advanced with a dedicated button Facetime It will also integrate with messages, so multiple chat participants will be able to sync and watch video in text chat.

Advanced dictation will help users to compose their messages more easily It is also possible to easily switch between touch and voice through on-device audio. Punctuation and emoji are automatic.

In Mail, users can schedule emails in advance and drop them before they reach the recipient’s inbox. Mail reports Also if users forget something, such as mentioning an attachment or document without attaching it to the message.

Messages can be retrieved later using the Reminder Letter feature. Follow-up options (Follow) Automatically reminds users to follow an email if they do not receive a response. Email It also restructures the search with new techniques employed to generate results.

Siri and processing

Developers will be able to take advantage of Apple’s digital assistant through the app A new API called App Intents. Live text has been updated with video support, so you can pause a video and interact with the text visible in the frame. After selecting the text, you can quickly choose from a number of actions.

Users can add emojis A message through SiriIncluding an additional option to speed up the sending of messages by avoiding confirmation steps and to send messages automatically.

Live Text also benefits from an API that can be used Translate The visual lookup feature has been updated with the theme selection. For users, this means you can capture and capture the contents of images and then place them in an app like Messages as a sticker, for example. If you are in a facetime call or conversation, you can “disconnect hands-free” Hey Siri, hang up


Wallet acquires an in-app identity verification system and provides confirmation for driving licenses, age verification and other data for apps like Uber. Keys stored in the wallet can be shared with others using the messaging app, including Messages, Mail and WhatsApp.

A new one After Apple Pay Allows you to divide the value of an item into four equal payments. The service is offered without interest or fees and works wherever Apple Pay is accepted. Order tracking is also added Apple PayTo indicate when delivery arrives Wallet. Millions of merchants will offer this service, starting Shopify.


Experience Apple’s refined map Available in six additional cities, which will make it possible to visualize these places with the help of 3D objects The new display is being rolled out in 11 additional countries.

Hop-on hop-off routes are also appearing on the map, allowing users to pre-plan up to 15 stops on a route. You can plan on a Mac and send routes to the iPhone, and even add extra stops using Siri. Public transport has cost features, so when asking for directions, if you follow the navigation instructions, you will see how much you have to pay for public transport.

iOS 16

MapKit for developers has been updated, enabling the implementation of third party apps Detailed Apple Maps. MapKit also benefits from the Look Around function. Finally, for the map, there will be Server-side API Which will be launched later in 2022.

Family and safety

As part of Apple’s efforts Make iOS secure for family, It is now possible to apply age-based parental controls to family group accounts There is a quick setup feature for child accounts that adds settings without further configuration.

Family control will make it easier for parents to change settings as their children get older There are pictures for the family An iCloud shared photo library, Which allows all members of a family to share pictures together Users can only share what they want, based on who was in the photo or what was taken, and share items manually.

iOS 16

Security check A system for limiting the amount of data shared, if any. Users can review and reset access to data and locations provided by others, turn off location tracking for all devices, limit Sync to iMessage device They have it in their hands and who can communicate with them is also limited.


New shared tab groups allow you Share the website collection With your friends and family, so that the group can add more tabs and see what others are using

Paskey, a unique digital key that is not stored on any web server, for password replacement. Can be synchronized using keychain iCloud On devices with end-to-end encryption, They use Touch ID and Face ID For verification, and work across apps and websites.


Available for iPhone users without a need Applewatch, The updated fitness app allows users to have a similar experience, but only using the iPhone. This includes daily move goals and activity ring to burn calories.

The device’s sensors are used to track steps, distances, flight climbs and workouts from third-party apps. Move rings can also be shared with others to inspire them.

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