ABCs of family road trips with young children

My family lives on the south coast of Montreal, my boyfriend lives in Remusky. 567km between the two, or about 5 hours 45 minutes without stopping, but much more when you need to eat, refuel, change a diaper, and so on. We rooted countless times with our daughters at all stages of childhood (between 3 months and 4 years old). As summer vacation approaches, some families will hit the road for long distances without getting used to it. I wanted to share with you my best tips for maintaining your mental health and some important ideas to prepare you for this stressful but compelling step to reach the desired destination.

Get ready!

It seems obvious that the first thing is prepared! Ready to meet all the needs and requests that come your way during the long journey. Everything must be found within a few square meters of the cabin. First, there is nothing worse than a hungry baby or infant. When their blood sugar starts to drop, it feels like a pub Sneakers! Bring snacks and water bottles for all your minis and keep them in hand Go for guaranteed standards, not too messy (otherwise you plan to wipe wet).

It is not unlikely that this trip will help you discover that one of your children has the famous “Travel Sickness”. Plan ahead and ask your pharmacist Gravol (or other similar medication) before leaving. A well-known parent is worth two!


These are essential because a few hours of standing still is a miracle for young children. So plan for a selection of games and toys that are guaranteed success and that keep your child busy for a long time. Choose from a variety of toys (a book, a drawing pad, a doll, etc.). For ideas about games and toys, I suggest you This article.

When the toys no longer fit and the kids get impatient, I suggest you make one Playlist That song they are familiar with. A mix of what they like and what you like, though I want to tell you that when we’re going to avoid a crisis, we focus on their favorite songs!

Fortunately, traveling with passengers during childhood sometimes gives us time off during sleep. Be sure to provide pacifiers (including S), stuffed animals and / or comforters not too far away. They will be essential to ensure a trip to Morpheus country for your little one.

It is not a race!

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. The need to move them is essential for their development and it is very counter-intuitive to sit still for so long. Stop to move. Just taking the time to go to the bathroom and run for a rest can be very rewarding. Some places are very well organized for this (stopover with the outdoor game module of Hello the Madrid 2.0!)

On the other hand, don’t plan your stops too much. How many times have we had dinner at St.-Hyacinth instead of Drummondville because people complained too much in the back seat!

Security first!

Snacks, water bottles, toys, these are all well and good, but maintaining cabin interior is important. As far as possible The safest. Did you know that a flying object weighs 30 times the weight of a vehicle during a collision? This means that a poach that weighs only one feather will turn into a dangerous projectile in a fatal accident. So keep your big hardback books at home and give preference to light magazines or bath books. Rotate the toys without lying in the back seat during the ride. Remember to store books in their front seat pockets and if possible collect all the small toys without keeping them safe on the floor or in an accessible carriage.

For your snacks, avoid giving in to street inexperienced eaters and choose those who are less at risk of suffocation. For example, substitute raw vegetables for bagged apple sauce. When your treasure is securely attached to 40 at a speed of 100 km / h, it becomes more difficult to intervene in case of suffocation.

Before concluding, I would like to give myself a little consent for your trip in the cold season. Leave the car a few minutes early and keep your kids inside without a heavy winter coat. This ensures that the belt is fitted as close to the body as possible. And to get into the cocoa or cocoon of the car at -30, take a small poncho for easy wearing or wrap it in a large blanket.

In summer or winter, don’t be tempted to loosen seat belts or add cushion-type accessories or elephant ears to children’s car seats. They don’t really improve your child’s comfort, and a collision would be dangerous. For more details on road safety, I encourage you to consult a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (TSEP). If you have never done this, it is convenient and free!

With forest travel and forest journey!

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