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The “Let’s Declare Public Space” campaign is aimed at raising awareness among citizens about the name of public space, launched by a cosmetics company. An operation in collaboration with three associations, including Memory and Shares, from 8 to 15 June.

For us, colonizing public space means making it a truly democratic place, a place that respects sensitivity, the conscience of those who divide our cities today and those who were exclusively in colonial times, in foreign territories or in Africa, but now in cities. Lives and demands that public space be discussed and that there be new symbolic space that honors the memory of crimes against humanity that we are aware of today. “Carfa Diallo explains, founder of Memories and Shares.

We really wanted to have a campaign with these associations and they chose the theme of colonization of public space.

Corpse group

Such a campaign is nothing new for cosmetics group Lush. The English company has been accustomed to launch such operations in partnership with the Association since its inception. A range of products is also dedicated to this, product Whose receipts (excluding VAT) are donated to the associations.

It will allow them to have a way of doing educational work, it really is ours Asha “, explains the founder of Memories and Shares. It will contribute in particular to the financing of a social and urban project” House Agent Slavery “run by this association.

“Let’s Colonize Public Space” is a brand new campaign in collaboration with Memoirs at Partez, but also with Change ASBL, a Belgian association, and Letz Rise Up, a Luxembourg-based company. According to the English cosmetics company, “Through discussions with the associations, we told ourselves that we would have to run a campaign together to make more impact, and it was built quite naturally. (…) Our goal is to put the issue on the stage and help as much as we can through our means and resources.

What we actually expect is more visibility, at the European level and of course at the national level. (…) Visibility is also a company that has to make money in principle, whether it chooses to protect such factors.

Carfa Diallo

For Carfa Diallo,Customers of this brand are not necessarily at the stage, or do not know these collaborative fights, so for us, it was essential (…) and that is why we chose to be with them and allow new audiences to touch what we were ‘never reached before’ “.

Three associations have each filed a petition on the occasion of this campaign. For the Belgian Association Change ASBL, it relates to the greater visibility of the statue of King Leopold II in Belgium, in order to highlight its role in the colonial history of his country. For the Luxembourg Association Letz Rise Up, he wants to remove the memorial of railway engineer Nicola Sito, replacing it with a plaque commemorating the 5,000 Congolese workers who died during the construction of the Iron Railroad. The master was the creator.

The Memorandum and Share petition seeks the VINCI Group to rename the motorway toll “La Negres” next to Bearetz, as well as its naming signs. For several years now, we have been working in the Basque Country, which carries a history of slavery, many traces of the black slave trade, but one that ignores it. “Carfa Diallo says.

In Biarritz, an entire district is called “La Negres”, where commercial establishments display this name. (…) When you are a conscious person of the 21st century, you cannot be shocked.

Application form which will be directly accessible in English brand stores. We have a poster with a QR code and it will mention the petition and several resources available. (…) Our challenge is to enlarge these requests and increase their visibility. “Explain the British group.

For several years now, the Memory and Share Association has been trying to raise public awareness so that the name “Negres” disappears from the city of Bearetz. The association also stood during the G7 summit in 2019, through an awareness-raising campaign that led to the arrest of its participating members.

In spite of everything, the work is paid, and in this district of the Basque city, a bakery and a cafe have changed their name, leaving “Negres” and “Negros”. Similarly, the city station is no longer called Negres. But, “The station, signage, is directed everywhere, “Park Nigger” Carfa Diallo notes bitterly.

We now have an appeal to the Administrative Court, which later decides that the name of this district is a racist, scandalous, insulting name, which does not honor the memory of slavery, slave trade and racism. “ Hits the founder of Memories and Shares. A fight that continues through this campaign and through this collaboration with the English cosmetics company that launched a petition, What we are proposing is a symbolic compensation(2) That helps make our society more democratic. “Karfa Diallo Conclusion.

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