Anxiety in children. 9 Things Kids Say When They’re Really Concerned

As adults and adolescents, children go through anxiety, the only difference being how they interact with their stress. As parents, we need to learn to see some obvious signs of anxiety in our children. They tend to talk a bit when they are worried and knowing about them will help you better deal with their situation.

Discover 9 phrases that could indicate children’s anxiety problems:

1 – “I want to go home.

This phrase is quite self-explanatory, because we were all there and saw a baby’s face when they said it. Otherwise, it is better to get used to it, because children are not the most patient animals.

The phrase “I want to go home” should not bother you, as it usually indicates anxiety in the baby. Instead, take the child aside, listen to their point of view, and make a decision. Occasionally listen to your child, leave the gathering, and go home. Other times, show him that he doesn’t get what he wants. In this way, you will teach him to calm his anxiety and keep his temper.

2 – “I have a stomach ache. A

When your child tells you that he has a stomach ache, it may be because of food, you may say something or he may not want to go to school. One thing is for sure, kids have times when they have a stomach ache and they don’t know how to hide it. When a child tells you that they have a stomach ache, ask him a few questions.

When stress is a problem, it helps to alleviate the child’s anxiety. But if it doesn’t pass, you take her to a pediatrician.

3 – “Can we stay home?”

Anxiety in children

If your child breaks down in tears while leaving the house, it may be because he prefers to be in his comfort zone. It’s up to you to show your child that you understand when he needs your help. Then reassure him that there is nothing to fear about being out.

4 – “Are we going home soon?” A

If your child often asks you when you are leaving to go out with friends, remember how old you were.

Think about when you were incredibly uncomfortable when you were in the middle of a crowd. Your child is just a kid, so it may take time for them to get used to this extra social interaction.

5 – “Can you turn on the light? A

Children are constantly exposed to something that may frighten or worry them. When they are alone they feel anxious and all you can do to reassure them is to turn on the night light. It’s just a way to tell kids are worried. And soon, they will overcome the fear of darkness.

6 – “I have a headache. A

Anxiety in children

Children are intelligent, curious and able to do almost anything to get out of a sticky situation. One way to do this is to complain of headaches.

As a parent, your child should not be blamed for laziness. Take him aside and ask him what the problem is. In this way you will establish a lasting feeling of trust and intimacy with your child. That way, you can help reduce her headaches.

7 – “I am tired. A

This is one of the common things that adults say after a long day at work. It turns out that children experience the same things as adults, because they experience particularly stressful days and face challenges on a daily basis.

So you always have to be attentive, because you never know when your child may need help. Knowing this phrase can help you better understand what is going on in your child.

8 – “What’s wrong with me?” A

Anxiety in children
Image Credit: Pixabay / Unsplash

When a child asks you, “What happened to me? It is clear that something is bothering him.

It’s time to dump her and move on. You can do this by saying reassuring words and affirming positively. You can do this with action instead of words.

9 – “Do it yourself.

Fear of making wrong choices, fear of disappointing their parents, constant desire to be perfect, all these can cause anxiety in children. There are several reasons why a child may be reluctant to perform a task while surrounded by adults.

A child who tells you to do it yourself is not a rude child. It’s a way for him to subtly show his concern. Quietly show him how to do the job.

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