Childhood: Despite all the reports, cases of serious negligence remain numerous

I used my voice so I walked away from it

Within a month, Joe would have earned a master’s degree in bourgeois social work. There was no promise of a future that found itself, in its youth, in the hands of child protection.

Joe Bourgeois, now a social worker, moved to a pastoral home 10 years before he was finally adopted.

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She moved from one and a half to 11 years old to a foster home before being adopted at the age of 15. ans et demandé que l’adoption soit une option”,”text”:”Mais cela ne se serait pas produit si je n’avais pas utilisé ma voix à 9ans et demandé que l’adoption soit une option”}}”>But it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t used my voice at 9 and asked to be adopted as an alternative.He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

I often think that if I had not spoken that day, there would have been no way for me. A

A quote from Joe Bourgeois, student and coordinator of the NB Youth in Care Network.

His older brother, on the other hand, was not so lucky. At the age of 19, he found himself without support, without a specific address and without professional skills. ans aujourd’hui, et a lutte toujours pour tenter de subvenir à ses besoins”,”text”:”Il a 33ans aujourd’hui, et a lutte toujours pour tenter de subvenir à ses besoins”}}”>She is 33 years old today, and is still struggling to support herself.Joe Bourgeois is the coordinator of the New Brunswick Youth in Care Network.

On Thursday afternoon, he spoke to MPs from the entire committee so that they would not rush to pass the new Child and Youth Welfare Bill. It is important not to repeat past mistakesShe screams.

He praised the renaming of the law, which emphasizes and promises the best interests of children. Surprising improvement. But he regrets that the content of the new proposal is not very different from the current law.

In this case, the bill does not bar various ministries from working in isolation in the care of a young person, he argues. Nor does it promote trauma-based approaches to care, a scientifically proven approach supported by professionals, he says.

We can do better than that.

Thrilling story

In his second report, Through their eyesThe New Brunswick Office of the Child and Youth Advocate presents some real-life stories of young people in government care.

They reflect many systematic problems, particularly those associated with misunderstandings of the legal system, deficit planning of housing conditions and chronic shortages of human resources that lead to tragic events, which are always far from anecdotal.

In the case of Isabella and Jacob

Isabella is 14 years old and her younger brother Jacob is 12 years old. After being chased by their mother, then by their honest mother who refused to take them, the father of two finds an apartment with the intention of sharing them. Night between his two houses.

The situation is rapidly deteriorating. Jacob told his school’s guidance counselor that his father rarely stayed home because his sister took care of him and cooked for him.

The two rarely go to school, Jacob spends most of his time playing on his console, and his sister uses the marijuana bought by their father.

In March 2021, Child Protection Services was arrested. The following year five reports of neglect were made, but none were sufficient for the Department of Social Development that they were well-established concerns.

enquêtes n’a été saisie dans le système de gestion de cas”,”text”:”Il est tout aussi inquiétant de constater qu’aucune des informations relatives à ces cinqenquêtes n’a été saisie dans le système de gestion de cas”}}”>It is equally worrying that no information related to these five investigations has entered the case management system. Ministry, we regret the report.

This year, social worker Isabella met only once to assess her level of safety.

Defender’s Office finds it disturbing that even today, and three years later, a disappointing report Behind closed doors, Children experience situations like chronic neglect. The situation will not be resolved until child protection measures are low and expanded, he said.

Zoey’s legal trap

At age 10, Joey spends most of his life with a mother who constantly struggles with addiction and homelessness.

In 2019, when her mother finds herself in an abusive relationship, the ministry fears for the girl’s safety and well-being. He goes to a couple who are indirectly involved in Joey’s life and asks him to take them home.

The mother and the couple take this step, which remains informal. For two years, the couple took care of him like their child without official support from the ministry.

There is a worrying lack of recruitment options in the province, the advocate’s office found.

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And, during this long period, the couple did not even get the status of foster parents. A mother who maintained her status as a legal guardian when she wanted to get her daughter back, the ministry had no way to stop her.

So the mother had to wait for her daughter to return to full-time custody before the second child was able to intervene.

This level of security is unacceptable for a child., New Brunswick Office of Child and Youth Advocacy decides. Incidentally, this does not indicate a lack of favor from the ministry, he believes, but rather a Surprising lack of feather care options And lack of understanding of legal issues.

If staff had a lawyer to advise, it could have saved children from being caught in a legal trap, Defender noted.

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