Côté Cours – In memory of a great German prince

Stephen Byrne pays tribute to Carl de Wartemberg, Duke of W্টrttemberg, who died on 6 June.

Until 1918, and after the resignation of Emperor William II, Germany held four states: Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria and W ওয়ারrttemberg. Descendants of these ancient kings have maintained a historical and representative role in Germany, as well as the affection of their fellow citizens. So it is with great sadness that the inhabitants of Altshausen, the former Teutonic commander of the Wartemberg family, learned at the beginning of the week of their disappearance at the age of 85. ” A register of mourning was opened at the town hall, and all the personalities of Land Baden-W্টrttemberg immediately paid their respects to him.

“The head of the Royal House of Wrttemberg has left a deep mark that will remain. His kindness, his kindness, his devotion, his humanity and his wisdom will remain in our memory,” declared Thomas Stroebel (CDU), Deputy Prime Minister of Baden-W্টrttemberg. Bishop of the Diocese, Gabbard First, is revered as “a great friend and protector of the Diocese.” I am deeply saddened by his death. Chose for his availability, his generosity, and the behavior of the great lord. “It makes me happier to make a big donation for sick children than to make a big deal,” said this intelligent entrepreneur “who knew how to manage the rest of the family fortune.” In Ludwigsburg, even if the W ওয়ারrttemberg family no longer owns the former royal residence, the Duke continues his patronage work. Was very active. “We mourn the loss of Carl Duke of Württemberg, to whom we owe through his decades-long commitment to one of the most beautiful places in Ludwigsburg, the magnificent domain of Monrepos. For me, he was an impressive figure who did his best to support the socially disadvantaged, “said Mayor Matthias Necht, paying tribute to the dead.

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The crown of the birth of six children is a love story

At birth 1er August 1936 at Lake Constance, Friedrichshafen Castle, Carl Maria Peter Ferdinand, Philip Albrecht, Joseph Michael Pius, Conrad Robert Ulrich, Duke Philip II Albrecht, Duke of W্টrttemberg, and the Archdiocese of Austria-Tuscany. On the death of his father in 1975, Carl became the new head of the house and was given the title of Duke of W ওয়ারrttemberg. A name that compelled him. “We may have nothing more to say, but we still have an obligation to the people of the country that bears our name,” he said. Tempted for some time in politics, the Duke chose to dedicate himself to the sustainability of family resources – land, vineyards, houses, regional businesses – and his social role, maintaining excellent relationships throughout his life with various elected officials. From Baden-Wর্rttemberg. Francophell, himself a descendant of Prince Alexander of W ওয়ারrttemberg who married Princess Marie d’Orlance, the daughter of the French King Louis-Philippe (and to whom we owe one of the most beautiful statues of Joan of Arc), married the French prince in July 1960. One of the daughters of Count and Countess, a skilled artist whose commemorative sculptures are displayed in the park of Altshausen Castle. An indefatigable traveler, the princess hurried back from Brittany last Sunday to her husband’s bed, who had been waiting for her before closing her eyes. A love story is crowned by the birth of six children: Duke Hair Frederick, Mathild, Eberhard, Philip, Michael and Flavor, but together they go through a terrible tragedy, the accidental death of their eldest son and heir Frederick in 2018. 56 years old. This is Guillaume, 27, with his wife giving birth to a son, Princess Mary de Weed, who became Duke of Württemberg. Prince Jean d’Orlance, Count of Paris, twice his nephew – his mother Marie-Theres de W্টrttemberg, brother of the Duke Carl, married Princess Diane’s brother Dauphin Henry D’Orlance in 1957 – paid tribute to his uncle “in his long life, his family and He has a lot of commitment to his country. “

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