Creating a new pediatrics department at Ajaccio, the Rotary Paratra Challenge

For the first time, the club has signed a contract with the management of the new hospital in direct connection with local businesses, to fully fit out and sort out future services. A € 150,000 challenge for sick children that Rotary will accept

The approach is unprecedented and at a time when the Allied world is facing a voluntary crisis, it is undoubtedly a symbol of a distasteful commitment to the most beautiful cause: children infected with their flesh. Club Rotary wear Aiacciu has signed an exclusive agreement with the management of the new hospital to take charge of the future layout and decoration. Pediatrics.

The club will not only raise money and donate, as is often the case, but will also be fully piloted and directly involved in the project. The first for the Rotary Paratha, a member of the concept that was born, after a visit to the future establishment of Dr. Jean-Jacques Leandri.

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“On my way to the new cardiology department, with architect M. Philiol, I passed in front of a pediatrician, downstairs, to the left as you enter.”, Cardiologist explained. There are spaces but they are devoid of furniture, accessories and colors. “I told myself we can’t give up on things like that, He added, And instead of buying equipment or writing checks as we usually do, I thought we could participate in a real project. A This includes signing an exclusive agreement with the hospital and raising funds to make them available to companies operating on the site. “Hospital management has opened wide doors for us and the head of the children’s department, Dr. Koyendre and Ledwen are thrilled.”, Jean-Jacques emphasizes Leandri. In July, Rotary Parate President Dr. Christian Adamski, who attended the inauguration of the project, will lead Sandra Peraldi. Real estate agent Cari Piulelli knows the smallest details of the operation. “Of the € 150,000 in the project, € 80,000 will be dedicated to building an outdoor play area that will occupy the entire length of a children’s ward of more than 20 meters. We are 140m fit out, decorated and decorated2 Services, corridors, playrooms, as well as ‘Melanie’ rooms, are dedicated to the child victim of violence. A

In the treatment room, including chairs, sofas, toys, decorations, and even animated ceilings. “Children who lie on their backs while caring for them to relax.”. The terrace adjacent to the game room will also be covered and protected. A work that will be done in close collaboration with the Sonny Gitelini Association, in the small patient beds to which it gives a lot. “Its members have always done great things for children and the goal is to work with them on this project.”Says Sandra Peraldi.

To raise funds, the Rotary Parata wishes all the best *. Roses are sold at Place Diamond at the request of town halls and business leaders. “Everything is financed directly, Insists for future president, Fifteen members of Rotary are volunteers and 1 € collected is 1 € investment. The money we collect goes directly to the local companies in charge of the work with which we will verify the quotes. A

A cat will soon be placed online under the headline “Carrie Pueblo, a playground for pediatricians at Ajaccio Hospital”. But Rotary also appeals to singers who are willing to perform for the benefit of the cause but also to ACA Football Club, which has just been promoted to Ligue 1.

A tax deduction voucher will be given for each donation. But helping Aiacciu’s children, throughout Pumonte and beyond, should be enough to inspire good spirits. Cardiologist Jean-Jacques Leandri is a long-term project. “The idea that the children of the country work for the children of the country appeals to us, just as the fact of joining the force to work with an organization. We are committed to effects that could be visible in 50 years. A

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